Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tempting nature one more time.....

Well, we're heading off to the great outdoors one more time. There's a 50% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and a 20% chance for tomorrow night where we're going camping. In a "fair weather tent." We really enjoy all that extra venting stuff when it's NOT RAINING, but you know, when the wind's a blowin and rain a rainin it's something I could do without. I've got a bad feeling about this, but I haven't melted yet. I'm taking STR socks along and my fitted knits shrug. No koigu to tempt fate. You know, if all hell breaks loose this weekend I may have to deal with the fact that it's ME that's cursed, not the koigu.

Still got the groovy glasses. I went to the shop to see about switching them to a copper/brown normal looking pair and found out I was apparently smoking crack and imagining the totally normal pair of frames because they DON'T EXIST. The only other color combos available in this size of lenses is pink & purple and red & black. nice. Now I have to pick out entirely new glasses or learn to live with these. All in all, they're not that bad of a look, they'd be cool trendy little glasses to pull out for reading or for driving or something, but I have to wear them all the time. And when I want to wear PURPLE or PINK or anything other than black or green or orange they majorly clash. They even clash with my lipgloss. Yes, I really am that anal. I can't even wear a gold necklace with my silver watch on. Now I'm back where I started, in total overload. All those frames, after you try on a few they all start to look the same. Then I get flustered, confused, and start to listen to total strangers. TOTAL STRANGERS who tell me how good the ugliest frames in the shop look on me. It's a conspiracy. They're not happy with their ugly frames so they've got to screw everyone else buying frames so they look better. You know, it's like instead of dieting, the evil people in your office buy you donuts so you get chubbier and they look skinnier standing next to you. This is what happened to me in the bridal shop years ago. After trying on the 10th white fluffy dress my eyes glazed over and mom & I ended up picking out a seriously funky dress because old, grumpy women working for minimum wage and openly bitter about life in general told us that the funkiest one looked "absolutely lovely." The dress worked about as good as the marriage ended up. Let's just say neither one was pretty.

OK, back to the glasses shop. A girl with pink and black striped hair grunted in an approving manner when I picked up even funkier glasses than those I already had. Then a 78 yr old woman told me my orange frames were "kicky" then she ordered the same pair. Nice. I finally realized I wasn't up for the task. I need someone that won't be too nice but totally blunt. I asked my mom to go with me next week. She is the bluntest person I know and let's just say there's no risk of her being "too nice." I have 30 days to find something else to order, so life will go on. For now, I'll be flashing my metallic groovy orange & greenies everywhere I go. OH and I bought 3 pair of those floaty things that attach to the ends of your glasses just in case nature decides to bite me in the ass again this weekend.

Now, the fact that they're metallic and FLASHINGLY orange doesn't seem to show up in pictures. They really are.

More playing on ravelry. Here's my stash. I'm telling you, it was FUN going through all that yarn and seeing what I have buried in there.

And, here's what happens when you leave your camera out on the desk and your kids are verrrrrrry quiet for the afternoon. Here's a few highlights.

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