Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mothers Day ROCKED this year

You know, I'd been laughing at all those commercials for diamonds, electronics, vacations and the like that have been playing for the last 2 weeks for Mother's Day. LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. I kept thinking who the hell gets stuff like that? I'm queen of the half-dead potted plant presents. I have a flowerbox full of those. Nothing wrong with that, heck that's what MY mom gets most years (ok so not half-dead but still it's usually something that causes her to do more work by putting the thing into the ground.) This year my kids did themselves proud. (Actually Jeff helped a bit.) Joey brought home the coolest cutest book that he made for me at school. It's so damn cool that I'll scan it and show it off. Elizabeth and Jeff got me this and it's pretty much been playing 24 hours a day since. No, Jeff made me turn it off before we went to sleep, so probably playing around 15-18 hours a day. LOVING it. Oh how did I ever put away laundry without my own personal stereo system playing my favorite music? I actually sat outside in our screened in porch for 6 hours Sunday night knitting to Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy and Frank Sinatra and Violent Femmes and Garth Brooks and Blues Brothers and Slackstring and on and on and on. It was just beautiful outside and the kids were playing in the back yard and then after I put them to bed I came back out and knit and listened some more. *sigh* good times. I asked Jeff why he did so much this year, when I'm not even the mother of his kids, and he told me it's just because I'm "Ma." That is a good man.

His sweater is slowly getting longer. It's a raglan, so we can hopefully get a good fit on it. It makes me nervous to substitute yarn from hemp to a cotton/tencel blend. And it makes me nervous to be doing my very first attempt at mosaic (2 color) knitting on this first sweater for Jeff, but why should this be any different? Any time I've tried to learn something it's not been done in a classroom situation or by making a swatch or something, oh no. I pick a pattern out for some bigass project and then figure I'd better learn how to do it once I'm half-way done. Good thing I've got people to lean on and learn from around here! Also a good thing that I'm pretty damn anal about my knitting and am not afraid to frog things until they look right.

Are any of you guys doing the stitch N pitch thing? It's all over the nation. Kansas City people, it's June 10th. Our local guild has already had a person coordinate buying of tickets, but I heard that the Studio is buying them in a group also. Knitting, baseball, beer, hotdogs, other knitters, FREE YARN and knitting goodies, what could be better?

You know, it's a good damn thing they don't sell yarn on QVC. If they do, please do NOT tell me. I can't watch that damn channel any more late at night when Jeff's traveling. I did buy this really cute swimsuit, though. Have you seen that It Figures stuff? It holds you IN and pushes you where you need to be and covers stuff up and it's a good thing I'm poor or I'd have also bought this adorable 2 piece swim dress looking thing just to wear around all summer long, probably not even to the pool. I can totally justify buying a $70 swimsuit if it does all this molding stuff and covers the entire butt. I can't justify buying TWO of them, that's serious yarn binging money, honey. This stuff is great because it gives normal and larger sized women stuff that LOOKS GOOD on them. How amazing is that for swimwear? When they gave me my QVC customer number I felt like I was crossing over to the dark side. Lord, my mother can do some serious damage there. This was my very first QVC purchase. I'm really hoping it'll fit. I'm usually not able to fill out the tops on one-pieces, but the tummy is now 38 years old and there's just something not right about bikinis at the city pool on a 38 year old mom. I don't mind being all trashy at the lake, heck I'm the queen of the tank top and cut-offs down there, but it's too hard to hold in my tummy all the time here in public.

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