Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Millionaire for a day

How cool is that? Don't they look like twins? My daughter is the redhead in pigtails and pink shirt. The other one is her friend from the other 4th grade class. Their names were drawn to be millionaires for a day with a local bank promotion and it goes along with their whole learn to save as kids program they're learning about at school. They got to split one day's interest on a million dollars and open savings accounts $82.16 each, ride a limo to the bank and then swing by and pick up pizzas for the whole grade.

Whole lotta knitting gonna go on later today. I'm meeting Chery for knitting at lunch and the girls for knitting tonight!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TERI!!! Go on over and tell her Happy Birthday too! She's pretty much the reason I'm the crazy ass knitter and blogger that I am. Ok, so not the crazy part. That was from years in the making and I can't put the blame for that on her, but the KNITTING part. She was inspirational enough and just pushy enough to tell me "of COURSE you can do that. Here, let me show you...." for whatever lame thing that was bothering me long, long ago. I would casually drop by an old Wed. night or Thurs. night knitting group once every few months and she just welcomed me like I was part of the group immediately each time. She also totally rocks as a knitter and as a human being. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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