Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sunday, July 25, 2004

"I drink to make other people more interesting."
--George Jean Nathan
Pretty decent weekend, I got my daughter back in one piece!  :)  She's still wide awake at 10:30pm, reading quietly in bed trying to get to sleep, but she's still wired.  Her dad let her go to bed and watch movies until she felt like falling asleep the past 5 weeks.  It sounds like fun, and I'm sure it helped him and his new wife sleep in, but it makes it tough to get back on schedule here in KC.  She really had a blast.  Joey was so freaking excited today, he was like a child on crack.  If there had been a doctor around, he would've given the child a ridlin shot or something.  They really played great together, it warmed the heart to see.

SO, uneventful little weekend, waiting for Jim & Kerri to get to town with Beth so Joey can go spend the night at the hotel.....we have about an hour or so left to wait, when Joey finds a button under the couch.  YUP, up his nose.  I swear, he's the smartest little boy I've met (I know I'm his mom, but the kid is bright) and he sticks a button UP HIS NOSE.  Then he says, "mom, that wasn't a very good idea.  I think it's going to get stuck in my brain."  So, about an hour and a half later, and I'm sure a TON of money in medical bills accrued, we're home with the button out of the nose.  Beth, another very bright child, was playing with a penny last year and ended up swallowing it and lodging it in the end of her esophogas.  The adventure went on all freaking night from 4:30pm until about 2:30am because of course it was a full moon, and every crazy thing that could possibly happen happened, so we had to wait on transport from St. Joseph's to Childrens Mercy and then there were two copters flying in and other major emergencies taking the surgeons' time.  That penny cost me $1100 in out-of-pocket medical bills.  I'm hoping the button will stay below about $500.  I think they get that part of "gee, where can I stick this..." mentality from their father.  Normally it's me thinking "how far can I  shove this up his butt...." life goes on.

Went out with my little asian group on Sat. night.  Ate like a pig at Huyen's house.  OMG I now am addicted to fried green tomatoes.  I've never had one in my life until the taste of chicago festival where I ate EVERYTHING they sold in over 100 booths.  It's so sweet that they adopted me into their group.  The best part is they can COOK and when we all get together, they tell me I can bring chips or cookies.  Good ol' white girl cooking skills are limited to picking something up from the local grocery.  We went out dancing at the Guac.  Not the almost-cool one on Holmes, no no no we went to the wrong side of the tracks Guac in Olathe.  Lordy Lordy Lordy, I was looking SKINNY last night.  I've never seen that many BIG girls wearing tiny tank tops and short skirts in one place before.  It wasn't a pretty sight.  MAN I'm telling you, it was like being the one Mary in a room of overweight Rhodas.  Rich is off to Mexico City with his new chica.  She was very sweet and put up with all his obnoxious friends and danced also.  It was a good time.

God, I hope that girl goes to sleep soon so I can get some rest!!


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