Friday, July 23, 2004

Friday night

I finally got through the jibjab Bush & Kerry site to see the cartoon.  OMG  I heard their servers are going nuts trying to support this.

Got my sessy toes done, little daisies on the big toes.  I think the little asian chicks were cussing me out and smiling at me while they were painting.  I was living another Seinfeld episode...I asked very nicely to have my little flowers done.  She forgot and told me "you sit there, you sit there NOW" and I pointed to my toes and said "flowers?"  "you want flowers, no?"  "yes"...then a whole lot of smiling with gritted teeth and a LOT of talking in chinese.  My flowers are not so stylish, but will do, good thing I tip well, or they'd give my ugly toes.


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