Tuesday, July 27, 2004

After Lunch on Tuesday

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die while asleep, I pray
That God be a woman, or a guy who's gay.
For if God is truly as I've been taught,
an uptight old white man, I will be caught.
And tho' I'm a good mother and a kind friend,
My dating old guys will take me down in the end.
Down to Dante's Inferno, Nine levels of hell.
I took the quiz, didn't fare too well.
Scored high on two levels of the nine
Gonna hang with the lustful and gluttonous for all time.
But if God's a gay guy or a chic just like me,
There might still be hope, in a happy place I could be.
Floating above the clouds, shining down beams of joy
Instead of suffering the hurricane of unquenchable desire
with Cleopatra and Helen of Troy.
--prayer by TreasureGoddessChic
OK, I'm definitely cutting down on the flirting with old guys thing.  Takes me to icky places like lunch today with an old old-guy friend.  Mark told me I can ride in his & Russell's handbasket to hell, so at least I'll have company on the trip down.  While eating and deciding to mend my ways, I came up with this little poem....ok, realize I like OTHER people's quotes and words because I am not gifted in the writing department. 

Update on the biting/hitting incident.  Joey's friend Mya was trying to kiss him, he "wrestled her" to make her stop, she bit him, he "whomped" on her.  Apparently "whomp" is 4 yr old for hit/scratch.  He's still got little bruised teeth marks, so the little chica knows how to look out for herself pretty well.  I had the talk that "little boys can't go around whomping on girls" and felt like a sexist pig.  Oh well, he seemed to get the point.  I told him he probably shouldn't be whomping on anyone unless he's already told a teacher and the kid won't stop bothering him.  It's a thin line you walk when you try to keep your kid tough without making him a bully.  I feel like whomping on someone myself.

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