Monday, July 26, 2004

Monday, July 26, 2004

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop."
Man, I hate being poor. 

SO, got a call from my son's preschool camp counselor.  Joey hit a kid and then that kid bit him.  She can't legally give me the child's name, but as Joey's a major gossip, details should follow tonight.  No broken skin, just lots of tears from both parties.  I guess they both sat in timeout together (wouldn't that make them fight more??) and the world went on.  I can't believe my kid would hit anyone.  Not because I think he's an angel, but because my kids are wimps.  I'm trying to teach them to "tough up" (sounds less hick than the "cowboy up" I was using).  I have a feeling I may be at fault for the hitting thing, we'll see.  Joey tends to let kids push him around, take his toys, whatever.  He used to tear up, then he learned to walk away or tell the teacher.  I told him if  kid is constantly picking on you, or if he pushes you, push him back.  Oooppsss.  I left out those details when talking to his teacher.  We'll see.

The last "incident" we had was when Beth was playing soccer.  My daughter's more of a butterfly chaser than a soccer player, but she had fun.  She finally got it figured out that all the kids on the field chase the ball, so if she's a defender and stands on the OTHER side of the goal, that's probably where the ball will end up and she has a better chance of stopping a goal.  It started working and she blocked a few shots in a game against some steriod-pumping 1st grade chics that looked like little men.  One got tired of it and every time she went by shoved Beth into the ground.  Beth just took it with this look of shock.  I took her aside and told her the next time that girl comes and starts to push you, look around to make sure the officials aren't right there, and quietly shove HER into the ground.  Well, next time down the field, the girl was aiming her shoulder right at Beth, Beth takes an exaggerated look all around her, then FLOORS the girl.  No one seemed to notice, all was well, mom was proud....then Beth yells out to the sidelines, "HEY MOM, I PUSHED HER DOWN JUST LIKE YOU TOLD ME TO!" with a grin.  Did I mention that we play in the Leawood Soccer league?  Where all the moms drive Lexus's and NICE Suv's and wear matching sweater sets that cost 3 months of my pay???  I got a few looks.  OOOPPPSS..  oh well!

T-Ball for Joey tonight, hopefully no major violence will break out amongst the 4 year olds.

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