Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another day, another sock

or almost. Turned heel on sock #2 late last night. I made myself put down the knitting. just.put.down.the.yarn.and.slowly.back.away. I read a book for about half an hour, jittering to be knitting. I'm not sure this is such a healthy substitute for my good old habit of old, you know, EATING obsessively. I guess the idea was to WEAN myself off obsessive eating for no good reason and knit to help that, not to totally become crackhead yarn lady. Ah well. At least our family will have warm feet!

I'm taking Joey back to Children's Mercy for his next monthly checkup this afternoon. He's FINALLY been showing signs of kicking the lung infection and getting more energy the last 2 weeks, so I expect it to be a good appointment. (Joey has cystic fibrosis, a lung and digestive disease and around Christmas-time caught an antibiotic resistant lung infection that hits kids with CF and causes lots of bad stuff and lots of extra medicines and treatments to fight it) I was getting kind of stressy since the current massive medicines and extra treatments crap wasn't quite working, but now it is. I think the difference is the sun is starting to shine. I think the soul is just inspired to feel better on pretty days, what kid wouldn't rather be outside riding his bike than sitting around moping on a couch? I've even been more inspired the last few days and I'm sure it's the change in the weather. Ok, so it's cold as heck outside again today, that's Kansas. The sun IS shining, so that's a start.

Off to pack the bag-o-shit for the cf checkup. One must have crayons, paper, snacks for child, YARN and needles for momma, deoderant (I sweat like a damn pig in there, memories of old stresses just hit me when I walk in the door), low calorie high protein snack for momma in case we get stuck there later than planned, etc. bubble gum (the citrus mint from Orbit makes the BEST bubbles, I can chew two pieces and blow bubbles the size of my HEAD, good entertainment for waiting rooms).

Eight pounds to go on the bet.

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