Monday, February 05, 2007

The felting jeans

I found the driver cd for the camera, loaded it onto the computer, took more pictures of my frantic crazy must-not-eat knitting projects and then somehow we've lost the freaking camera. gone. Somewhere in the house.

I have decided that the cotton rainbow-ish green gables sweater really is the ugliest sweater on the face of the earth. I had my daughter Elizabeth try it on, just in case, and she said "oh, um, mom, this top part is cool, but, um, yeah, I'll just wait for that other sweater you're finishing up for me." Sweet little thing. I said, "It's a little bit ugly, huh?" and she said "OH GOSH YES mom, I didn't think you'd noticed." Ten years old and fashionista herself, but with a kind heart. The funny thing is I knew it was ugly as I was knitting it, but I just didn't care. I HAD to finish it. Nothing like a healthy obsession, is there? Ah well.

I pulled out my roses tank top again and am knitting on the edge on this one. I used substitute yarn, didn't buy enough the first time because I calculated wrong, went back and all but ONE MEASLY SKEIN was gone. nice. I'm going to be really down to the wire on this one. I may have to frog it, but I'm gonna knit to the last possible bit including frogging the swatch if I need to. Wish me luck.

Crazy-ass weight bet update... I tried to reason with Jeff, ok, only after trying to subliminally convince him that our d-day was March 31st instead of March 1st and he then figured it out. damn. I told him I am NOT going to mow the freaking lawn and will take whatever means necessary. He's all enjoying the hot little cute me so far and is really a sweatheart, so supportive along the way. That's great, but we have a really crappy lawnmower and he's kind of King-Of-the-Hill crazy about his lawn maintenance. There's more steps to getting the damn thing taken care of than you can imagine. Through all this eating healthy and taking vitamins and supplements and drinking 80+ ounces of water daily, my hair has gone on a growth spurt. It's just hit what you would call "long". He loves it. I told him if I get down to 4 pounds, I'm shaving my head. It's just hair, I'd be a cute hottie with a bald head. No worries. We bartered and he finally said he'd give me one pound. 126. I said, oh, but I have such thick hair, I'd swear it weighs 2 pounds at least. We'll see as time gets closer how much he wants to push it. I think if I'm holding the scissors in a threatening manner I may get my way. I did finally make a move in the right direction and am back on track. 138. That's only 12 pounds in three weeks. Maybe I should just do the damn thing the right way so I don't have to take any crap later.

No worries, I'm superwoman. Superbowl parties don't even phase me. NO beer, no mike's hard limeades (I've actually had to ban them from the house as I have no willpower when those things are involved. I think they are actually nectar from the malt-liquor fairies.), no chocolate chip cookies, no cakes, no chips, no dips, just plain old healthy veggies and chicken chili made by me so there was only healthy stuff inside.

Another fun thing? You know how I am now wearing my skinny jeans? Well, I am. I am loving that. I last wore them on Halloween as part of my costume because they were everloving tight. They are now my comfy jeans. I put them into the wash yesterday and pulled out the felting jeans. Everyone that felts should have some felting jeans. I've got 2 pair. These are jeans that provide good friction in the wash for felting. They are not skinny jeans. These are jeans you have given up all hope of ever wearing again. I was feeling a bit cocky (being superwoman and all) and thought wtf? Why not try them on? I WAS WEARING A PAIR OF SIZE 8 JEANS AND STILL BREATHING!!! They were a relaxed style so looser in the hips and butt, but I was WEARING them. OK, now, to let you know how long it's been since these jeans have been on the body, let me tell you they are ACID WASHED and TAPERED ANKLES from the freaking 1980's. PRE CHILDREN jeans people. Single Digit Jeans. I'm still not actually to that size as when I sat it was a bit tight on the tummy, but I'm proud of me anyway.

I felt like that character Bette Midler played, you remember? The one who was kidnapped and then she lost 30 pounds by doing pushups on her bed frame and lifting paint cans? The life changing moment when she and her captor were trying on formal gowns and such? It's also a kick that the only way I make it through my cardio workouts is to listen to her "Miss Otis Regrets" song over and over.

For those of you absolutely tired as hell of my details of the diet & workout & bet I apologize. I'll try very hard to get more knitterly but right now that's pretty much where my mind is. I've got to stay in "bring it on baby" attack mode to get through this challenge. I really want to get healthier before I turn 40 and this is the only way that's worked for me.

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