Thursday, February 01, 2007

1freaking41 pounds. 5 pounds the WRONG WAY *sigh*

Yes, wrong direction moving am I. (spoken like Yoda, we've been watching WAY TOO MUCH STAR WARS around here lately) You know, the fact that I started this bet in a galaxy far, far away in a time long, long ago doesn't really matter to me. I'm so a last-possible-minute kind of a girl, it's pathetic. Even though I had FOUR MONTHS to lose the weight, we all know I wasn't getting serious until the very end. Now I'm freaking out because I have the SHORTEST FREAKING MONTH as my last month. D-Day is March 1st. 28 days remain, oh crap, 27 days remain. Ah well. I'm actually seeing results now. I am wearing my skinny jeans today as I write this and I didn't even have to do the duck walk to get them zipped. I actually have about AN INCH room between the thighs and the denim material. I almost didn't want to take them off before going to bed because I was afraid it was a dream, I could wake up to my old thighs.

For the next 27 days, I'm gonna be a 6 times a day protein eating, running, sweating, weight pumping, knitting motherfuxxer! The knitting has REALLY helped me avoid my late night snacking. Seriously. I know I used to eat and knit before, but something has changed. I won't eat or drink anything but water while I knit now. It's a new rule I made that wasn't so hard to stick to. I have KNIT MY ASS OFF for the last week and found my little disk for the camera to load onto this computer, so pics should be coming soon.

I finished my socks that rock socks, finished one sleeve of Beth's bolero/shrug/cardigan thing, KNIT AN ENTIRE SWEATER FOR MYSELF the green gables done in that funky rainbow-ish hand-painted cotton I got last spring and it's quite possibly the ugliest, funkiest, strangest combinations of pooling and colors you've ever seen. It's so ugly I think I may like it. I was determined to NOT spend more money on yarn to get me through this crazy not-eating time so I'm trying to find stuff in the stash to use. I still have one and a half skeins of the stuff. There is some SERIOUS ugly cotton yarn in the stash still. What else, oh, I worked some more on a pair of socks for Jeff out of the barefoot sockyarn I got at Knit Wit's big Dec. 26th sale also.

The poor boy has been on my last nerve lately, so his socks haven't gotten much work done on them. It's not his fault, I've been a bundle of nerves, jitters, sugar-crazed denial and OH got an EXTRA WEEK of PMS half-period fun. I always heard when you lost serious weight and exercised fanatically you got LESS of that crap. OHHHH boy I've been fun. I actually burst into tears and threw this wooden heart frame against the wall because this little damn cross-stitched thing I'd made was moved onto the ground from Jeff's shelves full of crap shelves of nostalgic memories in the manly family room the other day. Mommy Dearest anyone? Holy crap. I think my body is changing at the cellular level from 98% sugar and diet coke to water and whatever the hell's supposed to be in there. It's truly scary.

141-125=16 Sixteen pounds in four weeks. No worries. right? RIGHT? sure. Got to go suck down another protein shake. You know, just because they call it "Chocolate Malt" and color it brown don't make it chocolate. I don't care how much the muscle laden guy and chic are smiling as they drink it. I call them "mocholate malts" remember Monica cooking mocholate crap on Friends?

Sorry for the whole tmi and overly fitness related posts lately, but that's my world. Friends don't let friends mow the lawn. Got to win the damn bet. I'll never live it down otherwise. I do love my man, but DAYAM he's a pain in the ass if I lose a bet.

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