Friday, February 09, 2007

More evidence of crazed knitting

Progress on the roses top. I MADE IT through the top without running out of yarn! Can I get a woo hoo? WOO FREAKING HOO BABY! I still have to make an i-cord second shoulder strap and then need to make the roses to go along the top edge. I figure if I run out of yarn now, it's no big deal. I can always have a little different dye lot of purple there and I won't care. I felt like such the daredevil knitting this, kept thinking maybe I should cut out one series of repeats....maybe just a few rows....and the daredevil knitter soul inside me said NO! GO GO GO Knit until you can't knit any more! Very Seinfeld-ish. Remember the episode with Kramer and the test drive on the new car? He and the salesman wouldn't stop for gas, they just pushed that car farther and farther past the E on the gauge, even holding hands like Thelma & Louise.... Yup, that was me and my yarn. Who needs a real life when I have excitement like this?

Health tips of the day...
* Don't concentrate on the big number of the total weight you want to lose, or total inches or total whatever. It will make you insane. Think baby steps. Think "I'm gonna try to be good to myself today and make good decisions." That's it. Just make one goal a day and work up from there. If I didn't have my crazy ass bet going on, I'd try to focus less on the scale and more on what I can do each day. Yesterday my goal was go go more than 2 miles on the treadmill. That was all I concentrated on, thinking positive and all that crap. I did it. I made it to 2.5 miles. I would have done a happy dance, but my butt and thighs were too damn tired. I did a mental happy dance. "yeah me! yeah me! yeah me!" "happy, happy, joy, joy" etc.

* OK, this tip is for those of us pear shaped girls. You ladies with no butt need not worry about this one. I finally got up the guts to tell Trainer-Man why I really hate the treadmill. I hate it because my butt has an extra bounce. You pears know what I'm talking about, right? There's the initial bounce with each foot hitting the treadmill. That's expected. Your whole body is bouncing from foot to foot, side to side. No biggie. Well, um, there's this "extra" bounce I get. It's like a rebound bounce. A massive, BIG extra bounce. Step, bounce, step, bounce, step, bounce, step, bounce, etc. Well, that's fine when you're just at a nice, quick walk, no worries. When I start jogging on the thing, it gets to be some SERIOUS booming. stepBOUNCEstepBOUNCEstepBOUNCEstepBOUNCE. It hurts my butt! Seriously, I feel like someone was punching on my damn butt and upper thighs when I get off. I explained it like this....You know how on Bay Watch they used slow motion to show the bouncing of those big chests as they ran across the sand? How would that look on high speed? They'd be knocking their damn boobs to bits. That's what happens with my butt. After he finished his coughing spasm (which sounded an awful lot like a lot of laughing coughs), Trainer-Man said that the extra bounce is actually helping me get more of a workout. My body is having to work extra hard to compensate for the bounce. "It's a good thing." So, sister-pears, get out there and BOUNCE baby! I've often wondered....they make sports bras to help the bounce up there, but why not sports-butt-bras? Yeah, that wouldn't be pretty, would it?

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