Thursday, February 22, 2007

More crazy knitting

Well, I promised that with the following picture I would post that it was A) very early in the morning (7:18am) and B) my beautiful daughter had not brushed her hair yet. I think she's lovely anyway. Here is the knit-finished shrug/bolero/cardigan I made for Elizabeth. It still needs ends woven and a closure of some sort attached, which I will finish by this weekend. I LOVE IT! She loves it, which is even better! I'll figure out my crazy notes that I made while creating it and post a pattern if anyone's interested. It was made in one piece from the top down and was really fun to make. I used Koigu Kersti, can't remember how many balls, but a lot of them, maybe 8 or 10? can't remember. Any worsted yarn would work, heck, any yarn would work I guess. :)

Here's what's in progress on the needles right now, the prairie tank back and a pair of sport-weight wool socks for Jeff in a knit 3, purl 1 ribbing on sz 3's. I'm still bummed about snapping my rosewood 1 double point the other day. I may have to quit using rosewood on those little needles, I just love the feel of them so much. Maybe just on the 1's. *sigh*

I'm bored in my knitting right now. I need something to possess my knitter's soul. I'm waiting impatiently for the first shipment of my socks that rock 2007 sock club, it's supposed to mail next week. Also coming up is the Knit-Off, another brain child of the Yarnie of the sock-monkey blog. She's the one who started the sock wars that I had such fun with. Check her blog for details, basically every two weeks, there'll be a pattern and specs posted, the first one to post a finished pic to the page set up will move to the next level, it goes on until there's one mighty knitter left. Should be fun. Entries close on Feb. 25th if you're interested and the first pattern starts on March 3rd. Knit-off Group

I promise some pics of the skinnier me soon. I am basically a lazy person at heart (which is one reason this whole eat right and exercise plan is so damn hard for me) and I have yet to figure out how to use the timer button on my camera. That would entail finding the manual (I'm usually doing good to find the camera itself) or spending other effort in reading stuff online. I'm going to wear skinny capri's I bought long, long ago and a summer sweater and bring along a cardigan because it's FREAKING GORGEOUS WEATHER OUTSIDE NOW!!!!! Can I get a woo hoo for sunshine in the midwest? WOO HOO! We had snow and ice a few days ago and now it's glorious 50 degree weather. I love that about Kansas!

I'll post a sample of a day of eating for me since I've had lots of requests, but it'll have to be later. Feeling exceptionally lazy today.

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