Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Actual KNITTING content, holy crap-a-moly

The camera was found. Here's proof of just how ugly a knitting addiction can become....I think I'll wear the sweater anyway because it's the only thing that got me over the serious late-night eating urges last week. The obsessive really REALLY fast knitting, the more the craving, the faster the needles. I was CRANKING baby. Scary thing is that I still have 3 times the amount of yarn needed for this in the stash. It just won't die. I thought maybe a shawl, but since it's worsted weight cotton, it'd be one heavy-ass shawl to wear around.

I tried to convince my daughter that she really looked cute in it and should wear it, but no go. "It's like, um, totally, um, not really my style." *sigh* Looks like it's me and the sweater now.

What do you think about Beth's modeling of the almost-completed cardi-bo-shrug? I think it's a keeper. If I ever figure out how to post a pdf downloadable file, I'll put up the pattern official-like for whomever wants to try it. If not, I'll just stick the details in a long, rambling post.

Words of wisdom from Trainer-Man: "If you really, really hate something, it's probably good for you." Damn. Back to the treadmill I went today. I really REALLY hate the treadmill. I run when I'm being chased, I run when there's a big sale ahead of me and other women closing in on the yarn, I run when I hear "CHOCOLATE", but I just don't run for fun. Fun it is not. Runner's high my ass. Apparently it isn't considered cardio for Trainer-Man unless you cycle through levels one by one from moderate hard-breathing and sweat pumping to heart-bursting and your mind has gone from watching the tv and actually reading the word captions at the bottom to watching the numbers move on the timer and when you hit :45 seconds your mind is screaming FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY MOVE MOVE MOVE FASTER DAMMIT or something like that, thinking it'll all be over soon. Just let me get back to level 5...that's it, MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP!!! That's cardio for me. It bites. It works, though, I am really seeing results, so I'm a believer, I'm just a grumpy one who's knitting her ass off.

I may actually have the roses top that was about 2 inches along and sitting in the drawer up until 2 days ago finished up any day now. I'm afraid this is another one of those "not gonna like it" things that I just can't stop myself from cranking along. Don't get me wrong, I love the top, I just did the pattern as is with these little eyelet holes all over the thing, and I don't think I like that part of it. I'd already gone about 2 inches into it and couldn't see frogging it out. Then, after knitting through crazy eating urges for an evening it was magically about 6 inches long and I couldn't damn well frog it then, so now I'm STILL knitting the thing, down to one and a half tiny balls of yarn left that probably won't be enough, still knitting my ass off. You think I'd stop and calculate how many inches each ball previously got me, wouldn't you? or FROG IT and start over without the damn eyelet holes. nope. not crazy-ass knitter-addict-woman. That would make sense.

Off to drink a protein shake. You know what's really scary? To REWARD myself for being so good and pumping my weights and running on the damn treadmill I got myself a treat. The treat was a strawberry & lime & vanilla soy protein shake (instead of the cruddy mocholate one I make at home). I was actually all happy and loving it until I realized, WTF is wrong with you woman???? How messed up is your world that a tasty treat is now something that gagged you a month ago? Do you see what healthy living can do to you?

Joey update: My son went in for another checkup on Jan 29th and they did more throat cultures and blood work and chest xrays and pft's (pulmonary function tests) and the works. Joey is 7 years old and has cystic fibrosis, a genetic lung and digestive disease and cultured an antibiotic-resistant bug called pseudomonas on Dec. 28th. Until then, he'd been the healthiest little cf kid in KC. You wouldn't have ever known anything was wrong with the kid. They put him on two oral antibiotics and two nebulized medications, one a super-antibiotic created to fight this infection. Normally the first time a cf kid cultures this and they hit it with all the big meds along with extra breathing therapy, it cultures very low the next month or doesn't even register. Joey just wasn't kicking it on his own. His xrays and pft's and oxygen levels looked good, but his right lung wasn't moving the air the way it should be. The infection's still there. It's much less, which is good, but the poor kid is just so tired all the time. No, not all the time, he's fine for about 3 or 4 hours, running around like a regular obnoxious little boy and then just drops and has no energy and moves like a slug, rests a bit, then back to obnoxious boy. The teachers and nurse at his school are SO AMAZING! He goes to the nurse's office to rest a bit and then either goes back to class or they call me to pick him up to take him home early when he just doesn't look quite right. Another nebulized breathing medicine and 1 more oral one added in are hopefully going to kick this thing. He's still not quite acting his usual self, so we'll see. He goes back for another checkup in another week. His cf team is being very aggressive, which I love. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts. He really is an amazing kid.

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