Monday, May 15, 2006

what a weekend!

WOW, let's see, where to start...

Friday, Joey learned to ride his bike without training wheels. I'd given up entirely as every time I try to get him going along with me hunched over holding on the back and panting he is all crying and scared to death. I've never let either of my children fall, but they are sure they're going to DIE a horrible death if I let go of the back of their damn bikes. I take Elizabeth out to pick up some KFC for dinner, come home and see this kid riding down the middle of the street and realize it's MY KID going to town. Jeff's walking along beside him, I swear you'd never know the kid just learned. He's on that bike every moment he gets now. YEAH! Beth suffered one of those "got to get out of something" headache/tummy ache things that night, so I told her she'd get on her bike Sat. one way or another. Repeat of the sobbing "poor me" child and then she just got going and said "Mom, this is no big deal." cripes. Now they're both riding all over the playground near Jeff's house, but sidewalks and turning left are still not in their bike repetoire. Soon.

Sat & Sun Jeff built the frame for a screened-in porch part of the back porch. It's amazing and I am going to LOVE it! We have a very pretty yard and I just love the idea of sitting out there with NO BUGS eating me! We basically rode the bikes forever, then went to my cousin's daughter's 2 yr bday party. We celebrated 3 birthdays there that day as other family came in. My favorite part of the party was when the little girl's grandma picked her up to see her cake. She leaned in close like she wanted to see it and then stuck out her tongue and LICKED the cake with a sly smile. LOVE that child! HAH! Kids all had a BLAST blowing bubbles and running around in the backyard while I sat in the sun and chatted and knitted.

Mothers Day dawned without be being awakened to see it! WOO HOO! My kids let me sleep in till 8:30 and it about killed them. They brought in handmade cards and some cool clay stuff made at school. Lots of snuggles to start the day.

We had another cousin's baby's baptism at 1pm. Church was at noon, but I was lazy, so we snuck in at 1 in time for the ceremony. We see a fire truck and ambulance with lights flashing right in front of the church. The kids asked what was going on and I said, "oh some old guy probably got sick and needed help". It was MY uncle. Had a heart attack during the service. He was actually having one at the beginning of the sermon but didn't want to get up until the sermon was over. He got the LONG WINDED priest, so it took forever. My uncle was very lucky that there was a doctor sitting right in front of him and a bunch of dr's and nurses there to help out, got him some nitris and aspirin and to the hospital. He's doing much better and they're going to run some tests to check things out. I think it was a miracle as he's a farmer from western Kansas and has been out planting corn in the fields all by himself far from his house for the last couple of weeks. Unreal.

Went to the library later that day with the kids and I found some GREAT knitting books and the kids got books. We probably spent an hour in there, having a good ol' time. Go to the counter to check out, I don't have my damn wallet. NO id. No problem, but the kids were so excited to take their books home then, I pulled out my sweater in progress, makeup bag and that's all I had. She said do you have ANYTHING with your name on it? I opened up the pocket and there's the good ol' BIRTH CONTROL. With my name on it. She laughed and said, that ought to prove you're you. Checking out books with birth control. Only in America.

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