Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thanks for the finger crossings!

Well, we're one step closer to Jeff landing what we hope is a great job with the big-ass chemical company!! woo HOO baby! He had a great interview here yesterday and was just called and told to book a flight to New Jersey for the next step of interviewing! He's going next week, so MORE finger crossing then please! I may even cross a few stitches just for good measure.

Only a moment to type, so here's a few tidbits...

Survived a tour of KC with 48 3rd graders in the FREEZING ASS COLD today (is it really May or did we get hit with a freak November day?) in a BUS from 8:15am to 2:00pm with only about 5 quick little breaks outside. GOD BLESS our little overanxious and overachieving parents of our public school that really want to pretend we're a private ritzy school. The pta sprung for a VERY ritzy tour bus. We passed green and greener and barfing children bailing off their normal yellow school busses all day and just smiled. Gotta love southern johnson county, HOyeah. I'm thinking the cold was actually a GOOD thing as the kids were too damn frozen to go flying off like crazy children. I enjoyed the trip, learned a few things and am tired out. Beth walked along holding my had for part of the trip, I got teary eyed thinking this is probably about it on that now that she's almost a 4th grader.

Stomach is finally handling normal food. Guess there's a particularly violent thing going through the school and some are seeing a mutant rotovirus thing, so my one and a half day of hell wasn't so bad from what else I'm hearing about. ick ick ick. I did lose a mighty 12 lbs in 2 days from total dehydration and let's just call it "toxifying the system". Of course, I put on about 4 lbs immediately, but am loving the way my jeans look, so am trying to delay the return of the other weight by eating much less chocolate and processed foods. How long will this last? I'm not holding my breath.

GOT a TON of knitting done on the bus today, LOVING my sweater-to-be, still hitting gauge, am actually impressing the heck out of myself. STILL can't find the damn camera, narrowing it down to about 4 or 8 boxes. maybe this weekend.

Getting ready for the mother of all garage sales at my folk's house next weekend. Can't WAIT! Gotta unload some serious crap.

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