Monday, May 22, 2006

I know Aloha means hello and goodbye, but how do you say HOLY COW in Hawaiian?

GUESS WHAT Joey got in a box delivered from UPS this afternoon???? go ahead, GUESS! was a big box from the Children's Wish Foundation International. I cut the tape, Joey opened the flaps of the box and a big ol' silvery balloon floated up in the air! It was attached to a beanie baby bear called Lanai and had a Hawaiian poem in it along with a letter saying Joey's wish was approved!!! How cool is that? Forget a boring old letter, NO they send a BALOON! very cool! We get to give them info about Joey and ideas of fun things to do, but they're taking care of EVERYTHING for us! They try to give kids with rough diseases a time to treasure that they can remember forever. (my son has Cystic Fibrosis--a genetic lung & digestive disease and he was referred by Children's Mercy) I am so excited I can't see straight. The kids are having a BLAST just thinking up things to do.

So far on our list of hopefuls is a helicopter ride over a volcano, playing on the beach, surfing lessons, metal detector treasure hunting on the beach, swimming with the dolphins (in an aquarium, not out in the wild in the middle of the ocean--too intense for my kids), riding the sugar cane train, the Drums of the Pacific Luau with fire dancers (Joey's in total awe of those fire eating and dancing guys, maybe he can meet one of them) and I'm checking out which resorts are the most family-friendly.

Went to the library to check out a few books on the islands and think that Maui looks the best for us, but don't really know yet. I also grabbed a few knitting books. The library at 95th and I-35 (Oak Park branch) has a HUGE selection of new knitting books, I was very impressed! Finished the medium foulard (from Morehouse Farm Merino Knits book) out of koigu...mmmmmmm...koigu.... for Jill, but haven't sewn in ends yet. HOW do you weave in ends when your knitting is all lacey and holey? I'm gonna work on that tomorrow. I've already cast on for the cute envelope case and am going to town. Pictures as soon as I find the camera! I'm SO making one of those puppies for myself too! Went to the Studio and met Miss Amanda (HI!) and got her hooked on my favoritious yarn ever, the MALABRIGO! She's going on the wild ride of felting....can't wait to see her get hooked! I tried to be good, but then had too much time to kill as Joey was playing with the owner's boy and I had all that TIME to look around. Picked up some unbelievably COOL shell/bead things and some cascade to make a cute purse. Like I need another felted bag! Ah well.

Then I realized, BEACH....SWIMSUIT...BUTT WHITE READHEAD (chubby tan people blend in. Chubby WHITE pale people stand out like there's a spotlight on us, we can't hide) so it's back to Jazzercise I go! Reese, when are you teaching??? I have had a nice start (remember the horrible tummy trouble of a few weeks ago?) I am still about 10 lbs lighter than I was and am fitting into clothes from over 2 years ago. Now I'm getting SERIOUS!

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