Friday, May 12, 2006

Gotta Love those Mason-Dixon women!

Guess what??? My daughter Beth & I made the Mason-Dixon blog on their recount of the visit of the knitting chics to KC! (gotta scroll down a ways)OH I'm so glad they got taken to Jack Stack BBQ. mmmmmm. I must be feeling better as I'm hoongry now. towering onYON rings...mmmmmm. burnt ends. mmmmm. Still keeping the skinny by trying not to eat more than I have to, but damn it's hard. Beth was SO SO SO excited to see herself on their blog!

PLUS they've now got an official Mason-Dixon Knitalong going! Well, sign my ass up. I've not been this addicted to a group of patterns since a few issues back on Knitty. Heck, I'm even all excited about making DISHCLOTHS for the love of all that is yarny.

OK, I just couldn't stand it, I've got to put their pic up here too for my own record. I am LOVING this knitting with mom & daughter thing. Thanks again Kay & Ann!

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