Friday, May 05, 2006

How much fun is this?

I'm having entirely too knitterly much fun lately. I go from knitting all by my lonesome for a long Loooooooonnnnnggggg time, too busy to get out to see the knit chicks, too busy too busy too busy. Screw that. I'm having too much fun now to go back. First a weekend of Nicky Epstein and local knitters, then I get out on a Thursday night and not only KNIT with other KNITTERS but they feed me too! WOO HOO! Happy bday to Teri! And oh my GAAAAAWWWWWWDDDDDD such chicken tetrazini (see, I probably can't even spell it, let alone cook it) and now my very favorite ice cream cake EVER or was it a frozen custard cake? I don't know, I don't care, I'm just getting more of it! AND then when I dropped Joey off at tae kwon do (for the love of all that is holy, never EVER call tae kwon do "karate" to the tae kwon do guys. They get really pissy) Beth and I zipped over to the yarn store to see some of my favorite bloggers, Ann & Kay from Mason-Dixon Knitting and got our book signed and sat and got to knit with Colleen too! I love putting faces to bloggers, it's awesome. Colleen, the sweater you were wearing was amazing, you rock!

Back to the knitters who fed me, OH people we need to get out in KC on Thursday nights as these are some GOOD knitting women to hang with. OH and I told my mom she wasn't the only total QVC freak that I thought she was because I was sitting with women who knew the personalities and also got signed bday cards and phone calls from the girls at QVC too! LORDY it actually made me go home and turn the damn thing on. I caught myself saying, "I do need that. I absolutely do. My life would be so much simpler and more complete with that." Don't have a clue what "that" was anymore, but I'm sure it was cool. My mom cracked me up today as she saw the UPS truck pull up outside, but didn't hear the knock, because *gasp* he wasn't there for HER *dammit*. She was all pissy, cracked me up. I'm bad enough just going to the mall, bringing the mall to me is a very bad idea.

Anyway, go buy the Mason-Dixon Knitting Book. Seriously. There are some linen washcloths, cotton dishrags and OH OH OH those blankets. I, who have cursed more than a drunken sailor on my few attempts at knitted afghans, MAY have to reconsider and make some of these things. AND good lord above, I'm going to make the knitted nightie in there. Yes, Yes I am. I don't know what the heck it will look like on me, but holding that thing in my hands (they brought nice samples) I knew I must knit it. Unbelievable. Go, spend money and prosper.

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