Wednesday, May 24, 2006

He didn't get the job. :(


We got the call that the big ol' company that Jeff flew out to interview with decided not to offer him the job. I felt so bad for him. Of course, he heard the news 30 min's before I came home bouncing with joy over the whole Hawaii thing, so he didn't tell me until later so I'd still be all happy. I told him there's a reason for everything. Look what a fluke it was that he and I even met. We had to have all these weird things fall into place and the planets aligned just so for it to happen and it's just what both of us needed. He's got another interview next week scheduled and we'll get serious about getting that ol' resume out there again, but it still sucks. One good part of not getting the job is he would've had to travel A LOT and that would've gotten old fast. Of course, when he was traveling I could have been QUEEN OF THE THERMOSTAT and crank the air conditioning (HAH) but that doesn't make up for not having my honey around. OK, it's only 80 degrees and not yet too humid when I write this....if it were 90+ and sticky, I may not be so lovable--I'm a cranky biotch when I get hot and sweaty, it's not pleasant.

I started on the cute envelope holder for my shawl for Jill, but ended up giving myself knitter's thumb. My right thumb wasn't able to grasp onto anything, I was like an anti-evolutionary ape, couldn't hold a cup of diet coke or anything in my right hand, so had to NOT KNIT for almost a whole day. I never realized how damn often I've got needles in my hand. I waited in the drive thru and had NOTHING TO DO WITH MY HANDS...I sat with Joey while he ate lunch and had NOTHING TO DO WITH MY HANDS...waiting in line in the car to pick up Beth after school....NOTHING, after my kids and my cousin's kids were sleeping while I was babysitting watching TV with NOTHING I couldn't stand it any longer, got out the yarn and little sz 2 needles and DID IT ANYWAY! I had to move my thumb in all these weird directions to keep from dropping the yarn, but was using circs, which made things easier to pick up when I did. Somehow this wrangling around of the thumb made things better and I'M BACK BABY!!! (you must scream that part as George from Seinfeld in your head to get the proper feeling here.)

I'm now able to hold my diet coke this morning (glory of glories) but still have to watch how I move it around as every so often I get this weird stab of pain. Probably not good, but it's working. How weird is that that I was feeling all discombobulated and antsy without my knitting. What an addict! I couldn't even think straight without my hands doing their thing. Ah well, just think about this.....KNITTING on the beach in HAWAII! woo hoo! Ok, so I'm as obnoxious as a 3 yr old child on the same topic, but WOO HOO anyway! How good would one of those cool foulards be on my trip for me to tote around and whip out in the air conditioned chill of the hotel from the heat of the beach? Yup, I'm making a big size for me as soon as I'm done with Jill's. Maybe Beth needs a small one as well? Yes, I think she does. Poor Joey, boys get screwed on the whole knitting thing. I'm going to whip him up some of the hacky-sacks from the Mason-Dixon book so he gets something too. He's learning to juggle, and could probably use those for that.

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