Monday, May 08, 2006

payback's a bitch

You know what bad karma is? I truly do. It's when you call in sick on a Friday afternoon when you're mildly under the weather but really should be working. What happens to you on Monday morning when you really NEED to get your work done? Lordy Lordy I got stuff coming out of me in quantities you would not believe. Let's avoid the whole tmi thing here and just say BOTH ends of me. nice.

How do you know when you are a psycho-knitter? Is it when you have your tv project, your thinking project, your car project (waiting in the car), your DRIVING in the car project? No, no, no. That's not psycho-knitting. Psycho-knitting is when you're spending so much damn time sitting on a toilet that you think, hmmmmm, this could be some prime knitting time. At least I have the decency to not knit a gift in there, just something for me. I truly hope that I won't think of my somewhat-cowl as the stinking sweater or, even worse, the shixxing sweater. nice, huh? I can't be held responsible for when I'm suffering major dehydration.

I got my damn flu shot. Is this the bird flu striking Kansas City? cripes almighty. I'm thinking it could be a nice little case of food poisoning. I don't really feel bad, no chills and no fever, just barf-o-rama with the bonus stuff. We're so far past any slight food substance, now it's like a freak show. I've tried meds to stop this stuff, but they came up too. Another bonus beyond uninterrupted knitting time (seriously, no matter how much my kids want to bug me, they're NOT coming in there when mom's moaning and groaning) is my boyfriend is being the total sweetheart and spoiling the crap out of me. no pun intented. He realized how sick I really am when my daughter brought her piece of chocolate cake over to see if I wanted a bite and I started shuddering. He said, "You don't even want CHOCOLATE???" and got very concerned in a hurry. Yes, when my body rejects its main dietary substance, it's scary.

Think good tummy thoughts please people. Mine has had a workout from hell. I should at least get some six-pack abs out of this, right? Seriously, I've gotten more progress on my sweater in one day than I have in three weeks.

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