Monday, April 24, 2006

Story Time

First of all, I finished the soleil. I have it wet and sorta-blocking. I've basically got it all flapped out on a table, but don't have pins sticking in it yet. Actually, I have never blocked anything. *shhhhhhhh* guilty secret. My clapotis with its rolling points, all kinds of stuff. The sweater actually FITS and I like it! Who'd a thunk it? TWO sweaters that FIT? woooo baby!

And now for story time! Some of you that know me know that strange things happen around me. I've this weird mojo thing. It keeps life interesting. Jeff used to laugh at me, but beware to those who scoff the mojo! It rubs off on those around me also sometimes....

Jeff took his boys and a dog-crate full o' pullets (I think that's what you call chickens that are older than chicks but not yet chickens) as a birthday present for one of his best friends down to his farm in SE Kansas for the weekend. They lived in a tent, did 4-wheeling, built fires, lived on canned hash and beer and pepsi and basically were regular manly men doing manly things. At one point, they had to give a horse two big ol' horse-shots of tetanus and horse antibiotics and sedatives. The two men tied up the horse, Jeff held the hind quarters and his friend stuck it with the first needle. The horse bucked, and the needle ended up in Jeff's arm. He called me later that night and sounded pretty loopy. I was freaking out, he said he was ok, his arm muscles were just very sore. I asked which medicine did he get? He didn't really know and wasn't concerned. Freaking men. Once he returned home and doesn't seem to have any big side effects and was still alive, I laughed my ass off at him.

Started swatching some of the knitpicks yarn to make the somewhat cowl. I also ripped out a few starts on projects I was just knitting because. Just because. Probably because everyone else was making them. I sat down and thought, will I actually WEAR this? Do I actually LIKE this? If it was no, frog pile.

Jeff had a 2 hour phone interview on Friday, which sounds pretty promising, we're supposed to hear from the head hunter next week and the chic that would be his boss will come to town to meet him and have the 2nd interview.

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