Monday, April 10, 2006

Gus is missing....

and not missing in a good way as in "oh, wow, where-ever could he have gone..." while thinking "heh heh heh" in my mind as I secretly concealed the fact that I squished him, NO!!! Missing as in he was just sitting up there on the ceiling/wall crack and had been there for 4 days now so I thought I'd wait until Mr. Jeff left the house for a trip for a few days (TODAY). I go up to the office, glance over to see if he's still there and HE'S FREAKING GONE GONE GONE as in SOMEWHERE IN THIS DAMN OFFICE WITH ME and I don't know WHERE. damn damn damn damn DAMN I really HATE spiders. The thing so much as shows a shadow in here and he's toast.

OK major chills here, as I was typing, my hair flipped against the back of my neck and I freaked out. Swatting at myself and fell off my chair as the rollers don't quite stay on the little rollypad thingy. Sitting on my ass on the ground I realized I need to relax. I am bigger than the creepy crawly thing and it would be stupid to land on me, so relax max. I've still got goosebumps ick ICK ICK

Knitted away on my soleil with the beautiful egyptian cotton purple yarn, wonder if this puppy will fit? I HATE taking things off the needles onto waste yarn to try on, but I guess I'd better. Probably should measure gauge again to see if I'm anywhere near where I'm supposed to be. At least it's pretty. The lacy edge was knitted THREE times and still has two small blips, but I think I'd be the only one to notice so I don't care.

Off to work and to spider hunt. Enough of this nicey nicey woman thing. See where it got me? ick.

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