Friday, April 07, 2006

meet my officemate

Hello knitbloggers! My name is Gus. I currently reside in that little crack where the wall meets the ceiling in Christine and Jeff's new home office. Jeff is my good friend and named me. I cannot be killed as long as he's around. Christine looks at me with a gleam in her eye and a shoe in her hand. My days are numbered. If I decide to go to the other half of the office, the shoe and I will meet. I have been warned.

Can you freaking believe this? Seriously, this man of mine. He NAMED the spider. I said, "what is that spot up there? Is it dirt or is it a bug?" Jeff said, "It's Gus. He's my friend. You can't kill him." I have let the spider live for now. My new office is officially over here now, for 2 days Gus has stayed on his side of the office. He takes one long leg in my direction, and he's squishmeat. See how humanitarian I can be? or is it spideritarian? ick ick ick. The thing is not even tiny. He's like an inch long from leg to leg.

I made this sweet baby hat and need to post a pic. I've also got the first 2 repeats of the lace bottom edge of soleil and it's looking pretty dang good. I'm not the fan of cotton knitting as I am with wool or merino. It's WORK instead of gliding easily around the circs I'm always having to crank it around by hand every half turn AND it just doesn't feel so smooth and soft on my hands. I know, cry me a river, huh? It's too bad I like to WEAR cotton... I just can't see myself sporting a 100% wool tank top in the humid July KC weather.

Anyway, I'm off. Gus says "hey". Have a great weekend Ya'all!

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