Wednesday, April 12, 2006

random things in my head today

I'm not feeling very writerly today, so here's what's been buzzing about in this head of mine:

**Went to the boob dr for my follow-up appt. I have a few new cysts, but they all seem to be liquid and not masses, so all is well. My dr is such a dry guy and 99% of all humor goes right on by him, but Lordy he is SWEET and GOOD. If, God forbid, something ever goes wrong with these little boobs of mine, he's the one I want in charge. ANYWAY. He was listing the different locations, 4 o'clock, 12 o'clock....on and on, and then he ended with saying "so it makes four on the left and three on the right." and I swear it sounded like he was chanting it. My mind instantly went to "four on the left...three on the right...stand up, sit down, fight fight fight!" and since I am physically unable to just THINK something without it instantly popping out of my mouth, I completed his little chant out loud. Yes, he already thinks I'm retarded as when he had to remove a lump two years ago, they put you on these drugs that make you feel like it's about 4 margaritas into a long night but you're still conscious and it has some kind of amnesia properties to boot. The assisting nurses said they were cracking up at my attempts to convince him to either pump up the existing cysts while he was in there or to go on and pop in a few silicone beauties with humor that went right on by the poor dr. He always just shakes his head and smiles in an odd way when I say something stupid. SO, yeah for me and my healthy yet full o'cyst boobs! woo hoo!

**that chant got me remembering high school football games of long ago. I was a band geek (flute and tuba baby) and we played for a yuppie school with no talent and would get CREAMED by all the tougher schools. Our big "oh yeah" cheer for each time they scored against us was..."that's all right...that's're gonna work for US someday."

**spider Gus is still MIA. still majorly creeped out and jumping every time something brushes up against me. damn, just got chills again just thinking of him.

**STILL knitting on soleil and I SWEAR it's not getting any longer. I know. I've measured. I got all crazy last night as I was organizing part of the stash for the big move. Each UFO I pulled out I felt I'd better work a few rows/rounds on. Said hello to the French Market bag, panta (yes I totally should have been done with that by now but it's sitting in a bag patiently), traveling ribs scarf, an off-white shrug and even did a few rounds on my daughter's purple purse (I know that's so wrong, but I just couldn't help myself so SHHHHHHHH!) and a few other odds and ends.

**Do they make a pill that makes you keep your big fat mouth shut for at least a 5 second buffer??? You know, like when you have the i-control thing with Time Warner cable. It plays everything a short delay after the normal tv's so you can record it, or freeze it, or even better, REWIND it. That's what I need. Let's just say my big ol' mouth was working overtime today. At least 5 times I did the Homer Simpson "DOH!" and seriously needed a magic remote. Ah well, I guess I do make life more interesting this way.

**I think someone snuck some crack in my diet coke. I was chatting with Beth's girl scout leader and said "sure, I've got those 2 poncho's done that I said I'd make. sure! When were they needed again?" idiot. stupid freaking idiot. NEXT Friday night. sweet. Got um, NOTHING done on them yet. Good thing they're for young girls, as I should be able to crank out something.

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