Monday, April 17, 2006


Any and all persons over 3 feet tall with a pen1s (spelled funky so the other damn pervs with theirs won't hit my blog and start leaving weird comments) are pissing me off royally today. I'm taking my kids out to dinner at Denny's tonight and God help me if I get a waiter with an attitude. I may just stuff some pancakes up his right nostril, no, I think I'll put waffles up there as they're square and harder than pancakes.

No real reason, just ALL of them are irritating the living hell out of me. I normally am not a man-hater, and I still love the men, just from a DAMN SURE DISTANCE for the rest of the day. I think Jeff got the idea as he offered to take the kids outdoors to play in the front yard. smart boy. He may live to see tomorrow. maybe.

Still knitting away on Soleil, have no pictures as I finally got ready and the damn battery needs charging. grrrrr. that's the way the day's gone. BUT I have suddenly made progress. I'm almost to the end of the 7 sets of 1 increase row followed by 6 knit rows. Should be able to see the underarm shaping soon. woo hoo! I may wear this thing yet! Only problem is I cast on too tightly and the edges are rolling majorly. I'm hoping and praying that I can block it good and stretch the FUXX out of the edges. If not, I'm sure I'll be calm and good natured about the whole thing and not take a power tool to it.

I did have good parts of the day, my cousin's little kids came to play with Joey and me at lunch-time and the little boy told me "I missed you so very much" when he came in with a hug! AWWWWWWW love that! My kids have been pretty good and (I probably shouldn't type this as I don't want to curse myself here) GETTING ALONG really well. scary, no?

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