Friday, April 14, 2006

happy bunny day!

OK, so the cute as heck picture of the world's cutest bunny bread can't be posted due to a "short maintenance" by Photobucket. Take my word for it, it's damn cute. The Great Harvest Bread Co. has this wheat bread masterpiece baked in the shape of a bunny complete with long ears and round tail and raisins for eyes & nose. SO freaking cute! I think they're around $10/piece. I'm bringing one to Jeff's family Easter celebration and one to my aunt and her older single lady friends who I'm meeting for breakfast at 8am (what was I thinking saying ok to that EIGHT o'CLOCK in the morning on the ONE day I'll not have children or a boyfriend to wake my ass up?--kids going with Dad this weekend for Easter and Jeff's due back in town Sat. afternoon). ANYWAY they're cute. I'm going to bring it on a platter on top of easter grass with jelly beans scattered throughout. It should be sweet until we decide to carve into the thing with a big ol' knife. Mebbe that wouldn't be best in front of the children....hmmmmmm

Here's a link to see a pic, but it's not as cute as mine! Honey Bunny Bread

ANYWAY, I'm off to work some more, plant some flowers I bought at the Home Depot, and do some SHOPPING with Russell & his beau at the Oak Park Mall! They now have SEPHORA! and I think Dillard's is having their monster 75% off sale. Maybe I can find something to WEAR for Easter. I've not dressed up for a LONG time as we Catholics take it pretty easy with jeans, slacks, etc. I'm heading out with the Methodists and Presbyterians, so must wear something Eastery. At some point in the night, I'm sitting my butt down in front of the tv and knitting without interruption too. I promise to take pics of the never-ending soleil in process!

Happy Easter!!!

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