Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Knitting in the Heartland

Well, I'm going to a bona fide WEEKEND of knitting! woo hoo! I'm so excited! Nicky Epstein (knitting on the edge, knitting over the edge and knitted flowers & embellishments or some such thing plus other amazing books) is going to be teaching and I'm taking her classes! How much fun is that? PLUS a little vendor's market. ca-ching, ca-ching, can anyone else hear my money being spent? OOOOOOOOh can't wait! I get to bring scrap yarn for the knitted flowers class to share. OH I have some good stuff to bring to share & play with! Yes, I am a dork. No, I don't much care. The weekend is put on by the Sunflower Knitters Guild. It's being held at the Radisson at I-35 and 95th in Overland Park, KS (suburb of KC). Vendor's market is from noon to five and they're going out to eat with Nicky Epstein on Sat. night. You can come out to eat even if you don't go to class, think about it! Email me or leave a comment if you want to come and we'll get your name added to the list. Know what's the BEST PART of the weekend???? My folks are taking the children to the lake! WOO BABY! No kids AND yarn in one weekend? I'm even thinking of getting a room at the hotel so I can sit around and knit all night long. Whataya think?

I have about 4 inches so far of my somewhat cowl. I'm using some knitpicks baby alpaca yarn in a heathery purple and OH LORDY LORDY it's heaven to knit with. HOW did I survive knitting with cotton so long? My fingers, they are singing with pleasure at the lovely soft strands being knit right along. I have now decided. I am not a cotton knitter. I keep trying as I love some of the patterns, and the IDEA of a knitted cotton tank top is delightful. In theory, it's a big gigantoid pain in the ass to knit. Sticking with the lovely animal fibers for a while now. Please ignore the large pile of orange cotton yarn in the cedar chest that thinks it's supposed to be knit up next. Maybe I can find some nice orange alpaca or merino. Orange merino. That says summer in kc doesn't it?

Jeff's got his 2nd interview scheduled (yeeeeeehaw!!) for Tuesday and went out to buy a new suit to get all dolled up. He's been really active and has about 3 other interviews scheduled, but all for less glamour and less moulah than the big one. I'm hoping he finds something he can really enjoy. He's also been on a home improvement kick, replacing the old kitchen sink faucet with this super cool thing, putting in closet organizers, painting, you name it, he's doing it. MAN there's nothing sexier than a man that can DO STUFF! LOVE that!

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