Friday, April 21, 2006

Hula Hoop champion OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!

Guess who's the third grade hula-hoop champion of our school? My Elizabeth! She was so proud. How fun is that? They had a competition with each grade and cut to the final 5 for each class. Elizabeth ended up going for AN HOUR. My tummy hurts just thinking of it! Towards the end of the competition, they had to do a bunch of activities while still hooping. She had to jump up and down, stand on one foot, get down onto knees and up again, do the macarena, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Talk about a creative gym teacher getting kids excited about exercise, she's the best! Beth is all excited as her name gets announced "DURING THE ANNOUNCEMENTS, MOM!" and she gets a prize of some sort also.

Jeff (my man) has a phone interview today with a big chemical company to do sales. He'd have to travel 30-50% of the time, but it'd be good money, so I'm crossing my fingers and toes and even a few stitches just to make sure. Have good "HIRE JEFF" thoughts, everyone!

Haven't done much knitting on my purple sweater as too much WORK here. Bossman's on vacation, so I get to hold down the fort. HOLY CRAP I forgot people actually WORK around here sometimes.

Had fun paying almost 40 freaking dollars for the cheap gas last night. Nothing like a $.12 jump in gas in 3 days. nice.

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