Friday, February 26, 2010

It's been a while....a CYG sighting!

"What the hell is THAT and what the hell are you DOING with it?"

Now that's the start to a CYG (Crazy Yarn Girl) kind of a day at the good old business park. That whole WORKING a 40+ hour job sure gets in the way of knitting, spinning, raveling, blogging, and PHOTOGRAPHING. A Crazy Yarn Girl's gotta take advantage of good natural light & grab a few moments when & where ever she can, right? Hopped out of the truck this morning, realized that the patch of snow next to the parking lot is just screaming to be the perfect background to a quick photo of my WIPs, so of course I unloaded the bag, dug out yarn, projects, various implements of destruction, camera, and went to it. Now, anyone that's actually TAKEN shots of yarn and knitted objects knows that you just can't stand casually by and take a picture from above. Well, ok. You can. And I did for many years. If you want to take a GOOD shot, you should be perpendicular to the sunlight, you should also get DOWN next to your yarn/subject of the photo. Down on to "eye level", which is a trip when you've got a couple bags full of crap and are in your work's parking lot, which happens to be full of a muddy/snowy mix.

After scanning the lot, thought the coast was clear for a quick shot and went to work. Well, I about jumped out of my skin when I heard the "What the hell...." remark. Usually the business folk just glance at me, look away quickly and start sidling to the other side of the sidewalk/hallway/elevator. Not this guy. Ah well. I packed up my stuff, said "I'm a knitter" and calmly walked into the building next to him. He thought about it a while, then as he stepped out of the elevator he said, "You know, I've seen knitters. They sit. They knit. I've never seen one crawling about in the snow before. I guess they do that too, huh?" I said "guess so" and went on up to my floor.

Got to the office and two of the guys I work with asked if I was building a campfire out there or what. I said "knitting photo shoot" and they said, "oooohhhhh. yeah. forgot about that." Somehow I always forget that the building I work with is made ENTIRELY of windows (floor to ceiling). :) Ah well. You gotta grab the shots when you get a chance.

That's me. Furthering the image of knitters from "people that sit and knit" to "people that sit and knit and sometimes crawl about." Kind of makes you wish you'd voted on a better representative of the art, huh? I figure the Yarn Harlot can only make so many appearances. The rest of us have to make up the slack.

WELL, I figured out what was wrong with my lack of knitting mojo. (thanks for the good vibes via comments people! It's good to know that I'm not the only one that occasionally freaks out about it.) My WIPS were pitiful. I usually have at least 12 items on the needles, ready to pick up and knit for whatever mood I happened to be in. I had no WIPS to fall back on. No good tv-watching knit project, no sitting & talking but basically paying attention project. No DON'T TALK TO ME I'M KNITTING LACE project. No garter stitch love project. I had one cable sweater in timeout and a couple of socks on the needles. That's it. No wonder I didn't feel like knitting anything.

I went digging, DEEP diving into the nether regions of the stash. First, because I'd actually LOST a skein of sockyarn that I'd sold on ravelry. Well, after I found it IN the SOCKYARN part of the stash I realized that I have no freaking idea what I've got in there anymore. Seriously? You can lose your yarn IN the rest of your yarn? Blows the mind. After digging a while longer, I unearthed the euroflax linen skirt (in eggplant colorway) I'd started last spring (shown above) and the most recent sock cast on in some lovely Scarlet Fleece Grassy Wool, a gift from CheryKnits. I also have decided I'm going to cast on 12 more items until I'm back to a normal crazy level of wips. Ok, now I'm so excited about knitting again! YAY! The cast on.....the anticipation...the KNITTING!

Oh, and the olympic knitting project? Frogged in an olympic manner. I feel ever so much better now.

May all your knitting go well and your mojo be strong! I'm planning on knitting this weekend....

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