Monday, February 22, 2010

More snow and slush....oh, my bad. Sorry about that!

Yeah. This last winter's blast over KC is probably my fault. You see, the last time we had that pretty snow with just about 4 inches on the ground I was thinking it would be PERFECT for photographing some of my handspun yarn. Nature's own lightbox. The only problem was, well, I occasionally procrastinate. Each day I'd get home from work and think, OH, I should go do my photo shoot. Each day I had a few more skeins of yarn ready to shoot. Each day I'd say "Oh, I'll wait for tomorrow....." Then when we got that drizzling rain which melted almost all the snow away I thought, "Man, if I could only have one more pretty little snow for my photoshoot, I wish...." and the rest is history.

I apologize. See, I'm still used to the universe using my life as its personal toilet, never expecting to actually GET something I wanted! Apparently I've sacrificed enough (truck, eyeball, back, sanity) that we've evened back out to a NORMAL life with a NORMAL level of strange things occurring around me, or at least as normal as my life gets. I did decide I'd better get my arse outside and start shooting yarn pics so jacking with the weather patterns wasn't all in vain.

Another sign that the universe is happier with me & my family? We went to the farm yesterday in the snow/freezing rain/MUD mix and took the whole batch of young-in's for some serious wood chucking at the farm. We put the 4 wheel drive to the ultimate test, through what USED to be a field and had become a nice little raging river, mudpit, etc to the monster hedge tree pile. This pile was from at least 25 big, monster trees that were uprooted years back. We've been chain-sawing & log splitting off this pile for over 3 years now and we pretty much heat the house each winter 90% on wood heat. We climbed, we chainsawed, we log split with an old crochety machine that belched black smoke, we threw chunks of wood onto the industrial sized trailer, and the 4 kids spent most of the day way off in the wilderness jumping over the creek/river in the freezing temperatures where I couldn't see or hear them. They had adventures that makes me glad that I wasn't able to see or hear them.

We returned home with all fingers, toes and teeth accounted for. It was a good day!

Is anyone else tired of their ravelympics project and totally wants to cast on for another project entirely? Or is that just me?

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