Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Man, I LOVE the smell of vinegar in the morning!

The only hard part is being patient enough to let it cool all dang day long before I go digging in there! Kettle dying is such fun, you never quite know what you're gonna pull out of that pot. Some of my most spectacular creations have come out of a kettle pot. (spectacular good and spectacular horrid). I'm crossing fingers for spectacular good on these. We'll see.... laceweight in both pots. Some for plying with art yarns and some for sale at my KITH vendor booth (Knitting in the Heartland, click HERE for info on classes & vendor market!)

Now I should mention that my yarn & fiber don't smell like vinegar AFTER they're rinsed, soaked in gentle fiber wash and re-rinsed. They're quite lovely when I'm through with them. I just have found that I love the smell of wet wool and vinegar combined. I think it's due to my first project ever knitted, a garter stitch scarf out of Schaefer Elaine. Now, that's a yarn you still get a whiff of vinegary wooliness when you pull a project out of a ziplock bag! I think I can STILL get just a hint of vinegar smell even after all these years. I love that stuff.

I've decided I quite honestly HATE my olympic knitting project. Hate it real good. I not only now hate the project, I've come to hate the yarn as well. The sad part? I'm still knitting it. Not because I'm a woman that follows through with what I start (hello startitis?) but because I couldn't figure out anything else I wanted to knit. And sitting & watching the olympics or sitting at a doctor's office or sitting at a stoplight for that matter, would make me INfreakingSANE without the knitting.

Have you ever done that? Been in a mood where you just had to knit, but were too discombobulated to decide WHAT to knit? It's a freaky thing. Running about my house FULL of yarn, needles, patterns, computer (ravelry) and NO freaking idea of what to knit. Yes, I have at least 3 pair of socks on the needles, but the thought of picking one of them up makes my eyeballs itch. I was having a true episode last night. Finally gave up and decided to predraft some fiber for spinning. I sat there pulling fiber to bits for a couple of hours until my hands were all crippled up. It was pitiful. I think I'll just put the project into timeout and pretend it doesn't exist. I can surely find at least 400 skeins of yarn to hide it under, so we should be good. Maybe it'll look better to me on another day.

Come to think of it, I think I've still got a skein of Schaefer Elaine in the stash....I could maybe break that out. Maybe my Migraine Blanket could use another band of color......This blanket is the result of knitting up all the bits left over after my first year's knitting everyone I knew a schaefer scarf. It's called the Migraine Scarf because if you whirl it around in a circle, that's exactly what it looks like at the start of one of my little episodes.

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