Thursday, February 11, 2010


My son's been missing a lot of school lately due to a battle with a lung infection. He's got CF (cystic fibrosis), a lung & digestive disease and is usually healthy as a cow, but lately has been having a tough time. The youngest Weasley is finally on the mend and back at school. One afternoon he created me my very own KNIT ATTACK CARD. The kids are still into pokemon cards/video games, etc. My creature is called SOCK YARN and it has varied attacks, STITCHES--where it wrappes up its opposition in knots of yarn and my very favorite, the NEEDLE JAB, or as it's written, the "Neddle Jab", with 380 stars, very powerful dpns I'm guessing. How much does that rock? Quite a lot, thank you very much.

Still seeing doctors for both the eye & back. I did get to retire the neck support/cone of shame, but now I'm having adventures with the lower back. :) SO, in my pre-laptop splashing/truck engine blowing up/truck wreck/totaling days, I broke a tooth. Combining the fact that my life's been just a TITCH crazy lately with the fact that I have a deathly fear of dentists & unbelievably sensitive teeth, I've put off the appointment to get it fixed. Now, it's not happy. REALLY not happy. 3 ibuprofins-not-working-any-more not happy. I'm going to have to go dig through old emails to find the recommendations I asked for from Nov. when this happened originally. If anyone knows a very nice dentist that doesn't make people cry and is a fan of using laughing gas or any other mood enhancing/keeping me from climbing up the walls/medicine in the KC area, feel free to send me the name!

There has been knitting....
I love me some garter stitch. I think it's beautiful, it has character, it's SQUOOSHY, it rocks. The only thing I love more than garter stitch is garter stitch in thick & thin handspun yarn. This stuff is SOOOOOOO soft and SOOOOOOO Squooshy. My aunt in California, that retired to become "a knitress" taught my aunt here in KC to knit. She got her started, gave her some fabulous handspun, a set of needles, supervised a few rows of the scarf and sent her back to KC. That start's been sitting ever since patiently waiting. After deciding she's really not going to be a knitter, my aunt gave me the yarn. Instead of hoarding it for myself (which I totally would do) I completed the scarf and gave it back to Aunt Angie. :) It's been a LONG time since I've made a garter stitch scarf. My first year of knitting (after I got over the fun fur phase-of which we do not speak) I got addicted to Schafer Elaine bumpy yarn. MAN I love that stuff. I'm still a sucker for the colors, the texture, the vinegary smell..... If you don't have any handspun thick & thin yarn hanging about it's a nice option for an interesting garter stitch project!

You know, I've now got an aunt & cousin that have been taught to knit, but have resisted. Some would think that would bother me. HOW could they not want to knit obsessively every waking moment? I'm ok with it. I always know what to get them for presents (something knitted) and it means more yarn for me, right?

Last night as I was "chucking wood" aka filling our woodstove that heats the house, I had a revelation. Shotgun? check. Wood Stove? check. Old world health remedies (mustard packs, honey, vinegar, etc) used on the family? check. Fiber cooking in big pots on the stove? check. Dead varmit staked out in the shed? (garage)-check. Man, I'm a half-tooth away from being a one-eyed, crippled up version of Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies. Wonder if Granny knit?

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