Friday, June 23, 2006

swimsuit shopping, oh the fun!

Well, I waited too long and now all the cute suits that cover and push and pull your body without looking like a grandma suit or a fat hooker suits are all gone from Target. damn. Now it's only XXL tops and S bottoms available. hmmmmmm. Not on this body. I went and found my Prevention magazine's swimsuit issue, and they do have a cute site where you can find suits to flatter your flaws and try them on virtually on a model you create. Prevention's Virtual Swimsuit The site is pretty cool, but it mostly gives you ideas of where to start.

I found my digital camera AGAIN and have now made a special spot for it. cripes. I'm like a little old lady with no memory left. I PROMISE to take pics this weekend as I've been cranking along on my baby bibs and such. I got tired of my cotton binge and thought I'd go back to the good stuff and work a bit on my somewhat Cowl sweater, and OH how I've missed my pretty alpaca yarn. Cotton can be so rough....nothing sweeter than a bit of fluffy soft baby alpaca running through your fingers. Ahhhhhh

Happy weekend everyone!

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