Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm gonna Jaywalk it!

Yes, yes, I am aware that everyone on the face of the earth has probably already made jaywalker socks, but dammit, I just decided I needed to make them. You know that antsy-pantsy can't sit still don't wanna knit anything you got going on don't like what's on tv don't wanna do ANYTHING ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH kind of feeling? (humor me if you don't). For some reason the fact that it's 90+ degrees and about 80% humidity made me think of how I need wool socks. Pretty, sassy, obnoxious wool socks. It makes perfect sense to me. So last night in a fit of agitation I cast on and started off. No gauge was made, but I measured one of my in-progress-forever socks that I had almost to the toes and used the same dpns and yarn (opal handpainted LOVING that stuff!) and started in. I have heard a lot of bitching about people's socks being too small, so I'm making the bigger size. If they're too small on me I'll either frog them and start over after much cursing or I will just give them to my daughter. "Yes, dear, I made them just for YOU!" Anyway, I'm highly enjoying them. Have I said how much I love Magknits? Thank you thank you thank you for coming out MONTHLY! LOVE that!

Well, Jeff had another NYC interview with another water chemical company to do regional sales. I meant to write something yesterday but the blog entry was so long (hard to imagine me rambling on, isn't it?) that I thought that would be cruel. Plus, I had a feeling that something just wasn't right anyway. SO, the boy gets all gussied up, flies off to the big city at 5am, comes home in the same day at about 11:30pm (long day) and is not so excited about this company either. Apparently the owner didn't answer all of Jeff's questions to HIS satisfaction. I'm like, "um, sweetie" (see how supportive I can be?) "in an inteview, the OWNERS of the company interview YOU, not the other way around." Not in Jeff-world. In Jeff-world, Jeff interviews the employers and decides if they suit his purposes before we even begin to be nice. hm...k...well... I knit the CRAP out of my sock rib let me tell you. After some discussion we realize that Jeff isn't really WANTING a job now. I understand that. Really I do. BUT though he has money put away to last him until the end of the summer, you can't wait until then and expect the perfect job to just *poof* appear in front of you at the perfect time, ready to pay you well and let you work out of the house on your own schedule....can't you just see my little size 2 wooden toothpicks SMOKIN here?

Basically we talked it out and I did NOT put down the needles. He realized he's looking for more jobs in a field he hates, so it's probably not a good idea to continue that. We're going to look at another area of the science field and he's excited about that. I've volunteered to do the backup work if he'll give me a list of companies he'd like to work for and then we can move on from there.

I swear I was so freaking stressed out last night, if I didn't have those needles in my hands I probably would have been a screaming tearful mess of a thing. Somehow having the concentration of those little sticks and yarn kept me sane and grounded. I was able to COMMUNICATE and I think we even made some progress, but time will tell. Thank God for knitting. Oh, and Mike's Hard Limeades. especially that. Amen.

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