Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm back

Whew. Tired ass out. Couldn't get onto blogger for anything last Friday, so just gave up and headed out of town.

Family reunion out camping at Lake Webster in Western Kansas with my dad's side of the family (aka the Calmer side of the family) and Jeff went along with Joey and I. Sent my daughter out with her dad to New Mexico on Friday morning at 7:15am. We'll see her again in 5 weeks. It's a heck of a long time, but she usually has a good time and Joey always gets to do special things as well, so it shouldn't be too terrible. It still sucks, though.

What a great weekend! Four and a half hours of knitting time on the way out was wasted making more of my plastic canvas camper-looking coasters for the various uncles & aunts but we ended up not needing them done until Christmas now. Ah well, I would've just put them off until then and freaked out during my prime-Xmas-gift-knitting-and-not-sleeping-time anyway. So, I did get some knitting time in the afternoons and evenings and on the way home when I wasn't sleeping. I now have another half of a foulard done (still the coolest pattern I've ever seen, you get to cram this beautiful shawl into a cute little knitted bag, carry it around in your tote and then shake it out and voila, beautaceous shawl appears...kinda reminds me of those old plastic folded things my grandma used to make me put on my head whenever it rained and we went outside, remember those little folded up packages?)

Anyway, tips for camping.....ALWAYS ALWAYS look down before you sit on a camp toilet. Don't just look down, PICK UP THE LID and look down. Big ass hairy spiders like to sit just below the rim. Good to know. Tip this looking when your small child isn't close enough to SEE the big ass spider or the boy will NOT sit down the rest of the weekend. Good thing he was a boy and could stand to pee or we'd have had a serious situation on our hands. Let's just say we stopped about 3 times on the way home to unload his system and leave it at that. We ATE and ATE and ATE (man my aunts can COOK! and those uncles can deep fry and smoke turkeys like NOBODY's business!) and drank and played cards and sat around. GOOD TIMES! Jeff seemed to fit right in, so that was a plus too! We take over a whole area of the camp site, ranging from the amazing super-campers with fireplaces, air conditioning, cable tv, etc to the old time campers that are doing good to get there, to tent alley. We were in tent alley, but Jeff's tent was like a mansion. We had all kinds of room and a nice breeze blowing through and almsot NO bugs made it in.

Got to run, SHOOT! I just forgot this am was the Sunflower knitters guild meeting, dang. I'll try to make the evening one.

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