Monday, June 19, 2006

Let me just say....YARN CRAWL!!!

OH I had a good time! The Sunflower Knitters' Guild went yarn crawling from about 9am till about 5pm on Saturday! I'd love to say I had pictures to share, but remember how proud of myself I was that I found my lost digital camera? Well, when I cleaned the house for the big family dinner last week it got put somewhere that hasn't been found yet. Ah well. I spent too much money and had a great time! I will at least run over to mom & dad's and scan my goodies so you may drool electronically with me! Let's just say I got something at each place we shopped....Knit Wit in Olathe, Yarn Shop & More in OP, Lunch at a heavenly pizza cafe outdoors in the breeze, Cottage Knits in Mission, and ended the day at the Yarn Barn in Lawrence. Seriously, I've got to show you what I bought!

I'm on a new mission, ok, a not-so-new mission, but THIS TIME I'm SERIOUS! I've got about 90 days before this red-headed WHITE WHITE WHITE pale-skinned chic is going to be on the BEACH in HAWAII with my kids. I'm NOT going to be all icky in my photos, no. I've decided to use this excuse as my last ditch to get my butt in shape. quite literally get this butt of mine and the thighs attached to it in swimsuit shape. To look at me from the waist up, you'd think "oh that silly Christine, she's a skinny little thing..." (the waist up I'm a size 4-6). Let's just say below the waist I blossom into a size 12+, and I just found out my bmi or whatever percentage your fat is is over 33%. SO, let's just make this story shorter and say I'm on a mission to lose 30 pounds in 3 months. I'm so serious I even took before pictures. (before I lost the damn camera). I even made it to Jazzercise where I saw TERESA! WOO HOO lady you worked us HARD! I wasn't the only one sweating buckets, everyone in there was panting and working it! You are such the pro, I'd never know you just started teaching!

SO, back to knitting...I cast on and frogged and re-cast on and frogged again for a shawl with some hand-dyed silk I picked up at Cottage knits Sat. night, got too frustrated and decided for a "quick knit" and started the world's cutest cotton baby bib that looks like a little flower from a book I picked up One Skein. (buy it from Amazon as it's hard to find in the shops and is MUCH cheaper than the $19.99 I paid for mine) This little thing is adorable. I did finally get it figured out and knit, but there was some cursing involved as it was a gigantic pain in the ass rather challenging with short rows, wrapped stitches, hiding those wrapped stitches, attaching an i-cord (actually VERY cool to do) and TWELVE freaking yarn ends to weave in all on this cute little thing. TWELVE YARN ENDS. The first one I actually had to pay attention and count and crap, which I was knitting while talking with 6-10 yr old children on a boat in the middle of the lake of the ozarks and imbibing a few strawberry margaritas, so let's just say I knit the damn thing about 3 times before I got it figured out. NOW I'm just whipping those puppies out. I promise to scan a pic.

Jeff job update. We talked a bit more and he's decided to go for a career change and is applying for jobs and my dad's got some influence so we're using his connections as well, and things are much less stressful around here. Jeff actually took Joey to the lake on Sat. morning with his boys so I would have the whole day to go hang with my knitty people and have a breather. It was wonderful. I went down Sunday morning, had a day and night of lake-ishness, just about enough for me, and Joey and I came home today. The boy has learned that when I get overly pissy and stressful, he sends me out to do something with "those knitter people you go hang out with." I need to do more hanging out with knitter people as it is good for the soul.

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