Thursday, June 08, 2006

Karma can bite you in the butt

SO, guess who's going through a nasty breakup, heartbreak, and probably divorce? My ex-hubby. I got a call from him yesterday pouring out his heart and just sobbing. I really felt bad for him. She's fallen in love with an old flame through internet and chat rooms and loves her hubby (my ex) but loves this other man too, needs to find herself, clear her head, etc. (for those of you that don't know my life history, I was just starting my 8th month of a high-risk pregnancy where I was in early labor and bedrest and COULD NOT GET STRESSED OUT OR I'D POP BACK INTO FULL LABOR when I was sat down and told it wasn't my fault I wasn't as interesting or pretty as my husband's girlfriend--from the internet--, it wasn't my fault I was fat & didn't have the long legs, long hair and pleasing personality....etc. etc. and that he loved me but.... bullshit) ANYWAY, the man was sobbing to me what she told him which was WORD FOR WORD the same crap he gave me way back when. He really is having his heart broken and it's sad. I liked this chic, she's good to my kids and pretty good to him. I think he finally grew up and was becoming a good husband and father and got his heart tramped on. My daughter's out there in the middle of all this crap, but seems to be doing ok. They're staying with his folks for now. I have my fingers crossed for him, but it doesn't sound good. The irony of the situation didn't occur to me until I got off the phone. I didn't point out the irony since I'm not totally evil. Karma. don't mess with it.

Got tired of knitting beautiful amazing creations, so I pulled out some old peaches & cream worsted weight cotton from the craft store stash of long ago and knitted a couple of the lion brand dishcloths. I am loving them, now I can USE my knitting on a daily basis. It feels good. It's a cute pattern, 2 rows of knit 2 rows of k1,p1 with a 2 stitch knit border all around. It turned out quite textural and should be good for scrubbing and hold up well. First I cranked out a crocheted granny square dishcloth from a pattern on the yarn ball. It made up in a couple of hours, but was quite flimsy and don't think it'll last long. Knitted Dishcloths. It's a good thing. Damn I miss my Martha. I'm gonna have to find out if her show's still on in the afternoons or not.

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