Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Signs that winter's here

#1...Children are behaving because "Santa knows when you've been good or bad."

#2...Christmas lights are twinkling on homes throughout the city.

#3...The smell of wood fireplaces burning on a cold evening.

#4...Knitters are cranking out scarves, scarves, scarves and hats, hats, hats frantically counting down the days until Christmas.

#5...EVERYONE EVERYWHERE is playing Christmas carols.

#6...My white trash Wal-Mart denim coat with the VERY faux fur collar & cuffs comes out of the closet. Yup, I'm stylin, but I'm warm. The faux fur is starting to resemble a white dog that badly needs a wash and is looking kind of scraggly and dirty off-white...it is clean, but that's about as good as it gets.

Knitting update is pretty boring....scarves, scarves, scarves....and a few more scarves. I'll add a pic soon. I was not even wanting to turn on my computer this weekend. I'm going to have a hard time giving away the newest Schaeffer bumpy scarf I made as it's DIVINE....we'll see, it might have to be a present for myself....along with the other butt-load of presents of knitted projects in progress...

Life update--> Yesterday was my first "part-time" day! I have to tell you, there was nothing like it. I'm working from 8-2:45 M-F and a few hours on Sat. to get to about 35 hours. I normally leave work at 5:01, drive across KC, picking up 2 kids from 2 different schools and make it home at almost 6:00pm when it's dark, do Joey's "shaking" (his Vest airway treatment), cook fast, eat fast, homework, bath, bed, collapse on couch to knit & eat until bed around midnight and get up at 6:00am to do it all over again... NOW yesterday was beautiful. I calmly drove across the city at 2:45pm with NO traffic whatsoever, got to Beth's school with about 10 min's to spare and read a magazine, went in to the school and looked at all the new artwork on the bulletin boards, got my daughter, got my son picked up, toodled on home. We ate an actual meal of cooked food at a TABLE, kids got along and didn't fuss at each other, we got homework done, and they worked on their little cardboard coloring/book house thing I bought at Wal-Mart for $10, Beth made a finger-knit string to wear in her hair to school, I went out to bowl with my old ladies and everyone was sunshine & roses. LOVING it! It was such a nice change of pace, it's amazing what a few hours can do!

Gotta work a bit harder here at work, though to make up for less time on the job, so back to it.

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