Thursday, December 02, 2004

Moth & Silverfish proofing stash & sweaters

BEST place on the web for knitting info from other knitters!!!!
Knitters Review
The forums are amazing and there's just good stuff there!

OK, my post on knitters review gave some good tips. It could have been a stinking SILVERFISH bug. ick. Apparently they are attracted to papers, books and EAT WOOL too. A few other readers had silverfish eat holes in wool garmets that were in bags on the floor... (my sweater was in a tote bag on the floor next to the boxes of paper crap I have to get through, so it could well have been)

At this point, I don't care what disgusting thing it was, I keep a clean house and it creeps me out and it PISSES ME

Tips for avoiding this mess from knitters the world over...

**Cedar chips & dried Lavender sachets (but make sure they don't touch yarn or clothing directly or it can stain.

**Yardley's English Lavender Soap bars put in with wool yarns & garmets (I like this one as it's EASY and smells good)

**strong smelling dryer sheets (again not touching garmets or yarn)

**Eucalan Woolwash or other wool washes sold at your LYS, supposed to leave a hint of eucalyptus oil that repels moths.

My favorite tip at avoiding silverfish was to move to Minnesota as that's too far north for them apparently. I'm sure moths are up there and the size of their mosquitos frighten me a bit...

Feeling better now, listening to 99 Red Balloons on and be-bopping to my good upbeat 80' now the tunes match my fashion sense....

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