Friday, December 10, 2004

More things I've learned

OK, more tidbits, then back to work.

#1...The hand gesture for Fxxx You in Mandarin Sign Language (chinese) is saving my life. In my whole life I think I've flipped off 2 people only, but lately here in the dungeon, Miss Hateful has been exceptionally fun to be around and I've felt the urge of my middle finger wanting to spring up and shoot into the air on a regular basis. I actually had to hold my hands together when I turned the corner down here the other day. Rich's girlfriend teaches sign language at JCCC and is also learning to sign in other languages, so at Alison's going away party, I learned this little fun gem. Now, instead of screaming inside when faced with the witch, I just do my little hand thing and feel all better inside. I know, it's just Christmas-y down here.

#2...I can not be trusted inside a yarn store. NO. I can't even go inside one until 2005. period. I just needed 2 balls of black squiggle to complete 2 more scarves, and I ended up with this great SALE yarn that would be perfect for the sexy backless tank that I can in NO way finish by the 18th. That's ONE WEEK away. It has a million stitches, and the entire edging is done by picking up stitches, which I have NOT learned yet....but OH YEAH, I get the yarn ANYWAY just in case.... Knitted myself almost crippled last night and only ended up with about 3" from the bottom up done. Did I tell you I ALREADY found yarn that I thought would work for the sweater (since no one has any of the Diva yarn used on the original pattern any more?) BUT it just didn't quite seem to work, so I think I may be able to use it on the sexy tank I tried to start about 3 months ago.....MORE yarn stuck in the stash.

#3...The same muscles that are used to hold smaller needles are the same ones you need to use to hold a tweezers to pluck your eyebrows. After knitting myself into this old lady crippled bird claw hand thing, I am washing my face before bed and think, WOW, it's been a long time since I looked at my eyebrows and they were scary. Picked up the tweezermans and promptly dropped them into the sink each time I tried to pluck. So, now I'm crippled and hairy. SEXY. Just what you need to go with a sexy tank top....

#4...Dropping to 32-35 hours a week has been the most uplifting thing I've ever done in my life. I didn't realize what the lack of fresh air and NO windows and NO sunshine and DISMAL people were all doing to me. I breathe easier each morning knowing I get to leave earlier at the end of the day and it's not so scary descending into the bowels of Olathe's industrial district.

#5...I'm getting this from Santa Claus this year. Santa also told me I'm not getting any more presents at all, so be thankful...Santa was convinced that I needed to test it out in case we need to use the 15-day return period, and I'm not giving it back. He can wrap the empty box. I'm using it for my goodies and my kiddos and holdiays and crazy people I see on the street and anything else I coming soon, look out! I LOVE this little thing....fits in my pocket, has a GREAT big screen on its back and takes fabulous pics! WOO HOO!

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