Monday, December 13, 2004

Backless Bling Bling half-way done!

WOO HOO, I've got the front done on the backless tank I want to wear Sat. night out to the big Xmas party with my friends. I've got the bottom back ribbing almost done, and now have to figure out how to pick up stitches and get the thing done and see if it is decent to wear or not. I am LOVING the lion brand Glitterspun yarn! It's easier to work with than the more expensive crap I swatched in the LYS. I really REALLY want this thing to work. I think it may actually fit, I keep holding up the pieces and it seems to work so far, just have to add the black ribbing all around the edges and bottom!! I still have to pick up some beads for the little string across the lower back too, but I want to make sure the dang thing fits first.

Kids & I had a pretty good weekend, another birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (aka Mother's Migraine) WOW that place is LOUD. I'm scrounging around to find a place for Joey's bday party and REALLY hoping it won't have to be there, but we may be on our's like Vegas for kids. The noises of the ding ding ding ding, the funky music in the background, no clocks, no windows, set up in a maze so you have to work to find the door, tokens you cram in the slot over and over, kids hopped up on free refills of pop, yup, get them addicted young. I actually overheard a kid telling his mom "just a few more dollars, mom, I almost hit the's ready for me to hit the jackpot..." What's that 800 gambling line again????? I have to admit I did my share of skee-ball, shot a few dinosaurs, and played some air hockey too.

I was doing the guilty-feeling-single-mom thing and VOLUNTEERED to be cookie mom for my daughter's brownie troop. What kind of crack was I smoking?????? I must have been thinking, Oh, I was a girl scout forever, how hard could it be????? OH HOLY HELL no more cookie mom......this branch is like a bunch of nazi's. I should have known better as we pissed off the 5th grade moms that we went camping with when we let our girls run around playing follow the leader and sing songs that were not officially girl scout material at the exact scheduled time. They were freaky and I laughed it off.....NOPE, they're all nazi's here in Johnson County. If I can get the freaking few parents left to turn in their orders I should have this monkey off my back..... I do LOVE the moms in my daughter's group as we're all pretty laid back and as long as the girls have fun, do some community service and learn a few things, we're happy.

One comment on Miss Hateful. I know I've been trying to be "above" all the crap, but I've just got to say something. Our delicate balance of craziness down in the dungeon is seriously out of whack today. One of the happy people came back for a week, we LOVE her, YEAH. But, Miss Hateful is wearing a pretty little sweater in baby pastels of blue & pink. Nope. I'm sorry. That much hate cannot wear baby blue & pink. It just freaks me out. It's like I'm getting death looks from the rugrats.

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