Thursday, December 02, 2004

Moth War Update

The battle is on. A moth attacked my Ann Taylor cashmere sweater (got on SALE this summer for $20 instead of $90!!!!!! CRAP)....the little critters get what they deserve. Just call me "W", I'm going to blow them off the map....or out of the closet...or at least out of my stash.

All yarn is now in the deep freeze, keeping company with half a cow. I'm hoping the little moths to be are not like bees and you can freeze them, then come back to life once they warm up. We'll see..... *sob* my poor yarn...

All wool sweaters are on their way to the laundromat where my friend's wife works...going to work the sympathy thing and beg for extra coupons to afford it. THEN I hear that dry cleaning may or may not kill moth babies....CRAP

Of course this has to happen in the closet that is CRAMMED to burst with CRAP...old clothes...current clothes, art projects of the kids, boxes of clutter that I couldn't stand looking at any longer, so stuck them there to "get to later." Guess it's later now. Dammit.

BUT, on a good note, mom saw the scarf I was working on and kind of sighed and petted it...I said, mom, is this something you would wear? and she said yes, but you keep knitting for your presents...and I said, we picked this out for YOU, just be surprised for the kids, ok? They helped pick out the yarn and I tell you it looks GOOD! I'll add a pic tonight. I gave up last night at 11:30pm to get to bed. It's only got a few more rows left then bind off and handed to kiddos for their unique brand of gift wrapping. We go through more tape in our home than what is used my half the KC metro area.

Work update...still no word on my email saying I need to reduce hours starting next week. Not really surprised, it's about what I expected, so I am just going to do it. If they don't like it I imagine I'll hear sometime. People have been in this frenzied Christmas/Psycho/Super-bitchy mood and I'm staying the heck out of the way. Everybody sing now..."It's beginning to look a lot like BITCHmas...Everywhere you go...." wooh. Amanda, stay strong up there! I'm glad new girl's nice! Maybe it will tip the evil attitude balance to normal range???

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