Wednesday, December 13, 2006

You know, they're right...this stuff DOES rock

Holy crapamighty. I finally figured out what happened to my socks that rock yarn I ordered. My paypal account still has my old po box address on it, so the kids and I stopped by and GOT MY YARN!!!! Now it's pretty much just hung out with me day and night. I don't want to stuff it into one of the stash drawers or cedar chest. nope. I don't just want to start some boring regular sock pattern with it. nope. So I figure if I just keep looking at it and squooshing it (Oh LORDY this stuff squooshes good) something will occur to me. My loverly boyfriend Jeff keeps telling me I'm getting a bit "overly yarn obsessed" lately. I keep telling him "OH I'm should see some of the others..." but that argument doesn't seem to work when I was seriously considering taking a picture of it riding shotgun in the truck with me on errands yesterday. It may have spent the night on the pillow of Jeff's side of the bed (he was traveling) last night, but that's only because I fell asleep with about 14 knitting books, patterns, magazines, and other yarn from the stash strewn across the bed.

I'm cranking along on my koigu blue monkey socks and think it's a very cool pattern. The repeat is easy to remember, it's so interesting. Every few rows you do SOMETHING ELSE rather than just the k2, p2 ribbing I've been cranking out lately. Oh, right, my last sock was a k3,p1 rib. woo hoo. I've been bit by the creative sock bug.

Order was restored to the world (or at least MY world) when I finally ceremoniously put the damn additurbo 4" long metal sz 1 dpns back into their little packet and put them AWAY in the drawer after only stomping on them twice. At first I thought, "oh these could work..."then I thought, "maybe they're right for someone else, but not quite right for me..."then I thought "Sticks of Satan, be GONE from me, you DAMN metal instruments of torture!" If they were wooden, I would have burned them. They really REALLY started pissing me off as I tried and tried to knit. I got a pair of 5" long (which is just the right length I've found for my sock knitting) rosewood needles and the knitting is just so much quicker and easier and my hands aren't sore any longer. much much better.

It seems so strange not to be freaking out about crafting all my Christmas gifts this year (I'm crafting NONE for the first time I can remember since I was about 10 years old. seriously.) But then it occurred to me that this means I have to actually SHOP and BUY THINGS. Ah well. We're having a much more scaled back holiday season this year, with only a few people (mostly children) getting actual gifts, but there's the teacher gifts, etc. that I need to sit down and figure out the list and hit the shops.

ANYONE WANTING MY SATAN STICKS email me with your snail mail address and they're YOURS (free)! I'll stick them in the mail and get their bad mojo out of my house. I'm an additurbo circ lover, but will stick to my rosewood and ebony dpns or nothing.
Note: The satan sticks now have a home! Thanks Darra!

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