Friday, December 08, 2006

Oh Tilli Thomas, Oh Oh Oh

WHY OH WHY are you so freaking beautiful? Nothing else compares. damn damn damn. First of all, you're unbelievably expensive. That I can deal with. Ms. Queen of Yarn Rationalization can handle that. I can't afford you, but dammit, I could have found a way. Now it's unethical to knit with you. cripes. I have found some other lovely yarns that could work....artyarns regal silk, Knitpicks Andean silk, there are a few others, but dammit, I want the Tilli Thomas stuff. I was going to be just fine, until I saw THIS...Tilli Tomas Exotica. For the love of all things yarny, I must have it. It's got CHUNKS of funky beads! CHUNKS people! I was fine ignoring the sequins. I'm not much of a sequin kind of girl. I was fine ignoring the seed beed looking yarn, if I really had the patience, I could slip a buttload of seed beads onto any yarn and knit away. no big deal. But chunks. Chunks of turquoise looking things. That's more than I can take. damn damn damn.

You know SOMEONE's still buying the damn stuff. Can I be a quiet little hypocrite in Kansas who knits with it and wears it to only non-knitterly events? Can I knit with the stuff and not blog about it? Create something so beautiful as the Sahara and NOT post pics?

I've been cranking out hats for Caps to the Capital and a warm hat and scarves for the Dulaan Project to work on my guilt at even THINKING of purchasing the sacred yet damned yarn. Maybe if I spend as much money at Sarah's Yarns as I would spend on the Tilli Tomas, that would help my guilt? Yeah, right. I can't afford that idea either. Can you tell I'm an old Catholic girl? Guilt knitting as substitute for spending time on my knees saying my hail mary's? Ah well. It'll help keep some kids warm, so that's what matters.

Good thing I'm poor right now or I'd be SO knitting and wearing that yarn....I'll try to hold out until after the holidays and then see how I feel.

I'd feel much better if I had received my socks that rock that I ordered a few weeks ago. I know they charged my paypal account some time back, but no squishy to-die-for yarn has appeared on my front step yet. Waiting for that skein is worse than a kid sitting by a "do not open until Xmas" present.

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