Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Merry Everyone

Guess what I'm wearing to the Christmas parties? Nope, not the pretty little black dress that I wore to Jeff's business party, nope, my MONKEY SOCKS!!!

Have I said how much I love these socks? They're my new absolute favorite! Now I need to figure out what pattern to use for my new socks that rock yarn. *sigh* life is so hard...

OH, did you see the Holiday Google picture? KNITTING Kangaroos? How cool is that?

Merry Knitmas everyone! I'm sure Santa will be very good to me this year as I'm doing my shopping on the 26th at KnitWit's big ass yarn sale. Get yourself there. If you can't, just come by the blog and drool over what I get. I'm so excited! Bigger than usual bonus from the bosses means YARN for momma. I'm going to try to be there at 11:00am 9:30am so if anyone wants to come say "HELLO CHRISTINE, My, what a lot of sock yarn you have..." and introduce yourself, come on by!

Hope you all have wonderful weekends spent with family and friends.

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