Monday, July 26, 2010

Officer Friendly...protecting the world from temporary wooly accessorizing

Note to self...Bring STEP LADDER and a LOOKOUT next time I try to use local statues for knitting photo props!

A friend pointed out that some of my handspun artsy-fartsy designs could look great using some of the local artwork as photo props. She mentioned this very statue. I remembered the statue. I went off with camera, scarves, white paper plate (to set the white balance for the perfect shot) and found my statue. Only thing is it's standing on a pedastal about 4.5 feet off the ground. In the middle of a muddy flower garden. On a busy street. And a free outdoor concert was going on half a block away. I lugged a box that was in the back of the truck over and was climbing on it, actually got one foot and an elbow above the edge, grabbed onto his ankle and heard "Just WHAT do you think you're DOING up there?" I lost my grip and FELL on my arse in the mud.

Apparently it's a crime against man (or against statues) to go climbing about and arranging scarves on local art inside city limits. EVEN if it's HANDSPUN. Go figure. It too closely resembles vandalism, or at least that's what Officer Friendly said last night. I tried to explain that it was actually a case of "temporary accessorizing" but he wasn't amused. Also not going for the idea that if he just gave me a little boost I could have the perfect shot. As we were discussing the situation, this car drove by and a man hollered "LET HER GO, MAN!"

I ask you, how great would that statue look sporting a luau themed handspun art yarn scarf? AMAZINGLY GREAT, but that's apparently an adventure for another day. Also, his right hand is open just enough that I could totally hang a knitting bag from there, or a project on the needles...

Not to be discouraged, I headed out around the suburbs and found there's not a lot to offer in the way of statues. I think I'm going to have to stick with using real, live models. But, since I was on a mission from Handspun, here's my results of the evening...

Kansas City is the city of fountains and there's a ton of statues & fountains down at the plaza, but they also have a larger cop-to-person ratio. :) I thought I'd just mosey around the 'burbs and see what I could come up with.

Actual pattern with actual PEOPLE photos coming soon. It's an easy stitch pattern, but creates this very textured cool faggoting that shows off handspun to an advantage, letting the yarn shine through.

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