Friday, April 23, 2010

Yarn. Don't leave home without it.

The yarn gods must be having quite the chuckle. In one day I've been stuck in traffic, on an hour and a half conference call AND waited in a doctor's office for 25 minutes. All. Without. Any. Knitting.

The horror! I normally have a project bag with a sock in progress in the truck's console. There's usually another WIP shoved in the bottom of my work backpack. The current project is carried about in my purse. Normally none of these gets any play time during the day, but they're there. Carried about. Just. in. case.

Well, for some freaky reason, I decided to CLEAN OUT the work backpack. AND the purse. And the sock project bag is still in the garage from when Jeff took the truck to the farm. I have this totally rational and not-at-all overly dramatic fear that my project bag will return from one of his farm weekends full of ticks, so all forms of fiber are removed from the vehicle until it's deemed tick-free. Issues? I gots them.

I'm gonna restock my emergency knitting to never have to live like this again. I don't know how the non-knitters do it. Sitting in a waiting room without knitting? Just SITTING there? cripes almighty. I can tell you one thing, it won't happen to me again. Emergency knitting project. It's a good thing.

Happy weekend everyone! I plan on spinning up some of this loverly wool fiber from wooliebullie I got at Knitting in the Heartland. Also am knitting away on cotton stash...hope to have a few FO pics next week.

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