Monday, April 05, 2010

Farm Babies and People Babies!

Two of our momma cows have had their calves! YAY! Now we've got 8 more preggo momma cows left to go. We're actually total suburbanites with a partnership in a farm about 1 1/2 hrs south of KC. Ok, I'M a total suburbanite with a massive fear of ticks. My husband and children are much more country-acclimated, but there's hope for me yet. Hubby is on his way down to help out our partner with the birthing and such.

The "Crazy Momma" as we call the cow in the photos below is one that's still expecting now. These photos are about a year ago, so she's much bigger now. I just love the expression on the face of the grumpy cow on the right, don't you? I've SEEN that look directed at me many, many times in my life from other NORMAL moms, so I relate to "Crazy Momma" and sure wish her luck & a speedy gentle birth of her calf. A year back, Jeff had dumped off one of the hay bales that was also covered with vines & growing bits of vegetation into the pasture. All the other momma cows were patiently taking mouthfuls from the edges, but Crazy Momma went busting right into the center of the bale, getting her head stuck and hollering while flipping her head all about, finally pulling free and wearing her little stylish wreath of vegetation for a couple of days. She even seemed to sashay her big ol cow butt around the place, quite pleased with her new stylish accessories.

In other baby news, one of my sister in laws is scheduled for her c-section TOMORROW and somehow the idea of KNITTING for the new baby just didn't quite get into my head. HOLY CRAP! We're 90% sure it's going to be a little girl (their 2nd) but the little one was not cooperating in her sonograms, so you never know! I'd better whip up a little hat or something tonight, huh? PEOPLE BABY hat, not cow baby hat. This newest member of our family is the little sibling to THIS pile of cuteness. If the new baby has a tenth the personality of the big sister, my brother & his wife will sure have their hands full. I LOVE that girl, can't wait to meet the new little one! BABIES!!!! I freaking LOVE being an aunt!!!!!

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