Monday, April 12, 2010

My dirty little secret....

I'm knitting a summer sleeveless sweater. No surprise there, right? Well, the surprise/little secret is that it's, well, knit of *cough* *cough* cotton *cough* *cough*. I know it. It's disgusting. Just after blasting the world of knitters out there for not following through with their sheepy selves and succumbing to the NORM by knitting with cotton instead of wool as soon as it gets hot outside, I go and do the very same thing! Oh the shame! cripes. Well, after ONE day of over 80 degrees inside my house I decided that I was, in fact, insane to avoid cotton yarn. I went immediately to break out the cotton. SO immediately I didn't even skein & soak the crap. Nope. I am knitting this frogged and kinked up 100% mercerized WORSTED WEIGHT cotton yarn as is from those horrid little balls. Wound way back in the day before my skeiner & ball winder (or the yarn baller as my husband calls it).

I'm knitting another Sizzle by Wendy Bernard, who's patterns I heart very very much. I knit the one linked here in red mercerized COTTON and wear it often, so now it'll have a twin in purple. It is a pretty fast knit, I've knit up the back and half the front over the weekend.

BABY UPDATE: Niece baby is gorgeous and healthy as can be. Got to hold her for about 2 hours the other night at the hospital. We rubbed bellies and I got her to fart then quit squawking and was happy as could be. It's a gift. Babies love me, almost makes me want more of them, but then I remember that they get bigger and start moving about on their own. I'll stick with Aunt-Hood. It's a good gig.

COW BABY UPDATE: 3 cow babies delivered healthy so far. Seven more pregnant mommas waiting still. Here's a new little one only a few hours old. Jeff & his buddy helped with the delivering. I stayed in KC and left the cow baby belly rubbing to the husband. :)

Edited to add...I am in NO WAY bagging on those that knit with cotton. I respect you from afar. I am more of a sheepy wool kind of knitter. I'm known for wearing 100% merino sleeveless sweaters through the 90+ degree HUMID weather of KC. I don't mind WEARING cotton, I'm just not a fan of KNITTING with the stuff. The combination of HOT FREAKING WEATHER coming and a stash quite crammed with cotton yarn from my first days as a knitter means more of these cotton knit sweaters are probably in my future.

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