Monday, April 26, 2010

Picc Line Cover FREE PATTERN

Click the button above for a ravelry link to my free pattern for knitting up Picc Line Covers. Picc lines are used for people with CF (cystic fibrosis) or for those fighting other long term illnesses that require them to have iv antibiotics/meds administered through a picc line. It's like a cosy for your arm. :) It helps cover the bandaging and helps keep the little tube end from getting caught up on anything. It's easily removed or pushed up/down for nurses to check the picc line when needed.

When Joey was in the hospital they recommended we cut off an old sock. Ick. First of all, totally not fashionable. Secondly, it doesn't fit and flops about. Thirdly, I'm a KNITTER for cripes sake. I can do better! A few years back, I knitted up a couple picc covers for donating to some CF-ers I'd learned about from a post on the blog FINDING JENN. My son was so healthy at the time, it didn't even dawn on me that I may want to knit one for him. Ah well. Thanks to the donation of some scrap superwash yarn from Chery I was able to whip one up in an evening for my son. **Not that I had no superwash worsted yarn, people the size of my stash is a scary thing...I just had no time between running back & forth to/from the hospital and home and work and such that she just told me she'd bring it to me. I love knitting friends so very much!

ANYWAY, it's a great project. I recommend using superwash wool as it's soft, washable and retains its shape, bouncing back through all the wear & tear. Wool, wool blends or whatever you've got can work. Just please put a care instruction card with any you make. Our local guild has this project in queue for a charity project soon, but I thought I'd get the word out for anyone interested in making a difference with some of your left over yarn!

Please click HERE for a map of U.S. Care centers from the CF Foundation's website. Feel free to rav msg me TREASUREGODDESS or email me at TreasureGoddessATkcDOTsurewestDOTnet (replacing the at's and dot's with the symbols--you know what I mean) if you'd like to send any picc covers to me to distribute.

There's also a group on ravelry now! Click HERE to check out the group!

I was lucky enough to meet (via ravelry) the woman who inspired the picc line covers, findingher. She rocked. I love that she used knitting, crocheting and crafting to help her deal with a really crappy illness and its effects on her life. I am always amazed at how much knitting can help us deal with the hard times in life. Elizabeth Zimmermann really had it right..."Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises."

Thanks all, happy knitting!

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